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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/21/17 Ė 8/25/17

Nicole remembered that she was the one who killed Deimos.  Brady approached her about Eric killing Deimos, but she realized that she was the true culprit.  We had to endure a few suspects that thought they were the killers, but it looks like sheís the killer.  We figured that she was going to be the killer when we heard that the actress was leaving the show.  The original ending was different.  Victor hired Xander to kill Deimos.  The new head writer decided to change the killerís identity to make the killer Nicole.  She is someone who had a motive to kill Deimos, but itís a safe road to take.  The actress planned on leaving the show already so she was a safe choice for the killer.  The original ending would have been more of a shock.

Speaking of Nicole killing Deimos, itís a safe bet that Brady will want to keep quiet about who killed him.  Brady was ready to run down to the police station and turn Eric in for the murder.  He knows the true killerís identity so he wants to keep quiet about it.  Itís funny how he wants to keep quiet since Nicole is the actual killer.

John followed Hattie to the asylum and found Marlena.  He tried to rescue Marlena.  He ended up being locked up with her, but he knows the truth.  We werenít buying that he would fall for Hattieís performance for long.  He probably would have if he hadnít followed Hattie, but we wonít focus on that.  Weíre thankful that he found her so Hattieís days will be numbered.

Are the writers trying to dumb down the so-called smart people in Salem?  Bonnie made blatant mistakes this week, but no one caught on to her.  Bonnie didnít show up to Sonnyís hearing.  Adrienne was obsessed with Sonny being in jail to act so nonchalant about missing his hearing.  Justin didnít bat an eye at it.  Justin kissed her twice but he didnít notice a difference.  Bonnie called Steve by his nickname, but he didnít care about it.  She acted like she didnít know who Joey was when Steve mentioned him.  Steve didnít bat an eye at that stupid mistake.  She also called Sonny ďJacksonĒ, but he brushed it off.  They are people who were close to her, but they wonít pick up on her mistakes.  It would make sense that they werenít able to get it if they didnít live in a town like Salem.  They are no strangers to seeing evil twins, but they didnít question Bonnieís actions.

There was another reveal this week.  Darioís partner was revealed.  Abe was humiliated and arrested for being Darioís partner.  If you read our article last week, you know that we didnít believe Abe was the culprit.  It turned out that we were right about that.  We were right about who the suspect turned out to be.  Raines is Darioís partner.  Eli, Abe, and the cops made it look like Abe was the partner.  The plan was to arrest Abe so Raines would get exposed.  The plan was clever at first, but Hopeís reaction made it obvious that Abe was innocent.  She kept looking like she knew something so we figured Abeís arrest was staged.  The problem with the plan is that Raines doesnít have to come forward.  He has no reason to come forward because Abe was arrested.  Raines should know that something was up because he knew Abe wasnít the partner.  He should know that Eli lied to him about Abe being the partner when he knew he was the partner.  He should be suspicious because of how everyone was acting around him.  We wonder if Ron C changed this story to make Raines the partner.  Raines was an easy choice because he doesnít have any family or ties to Salem.  He can be written out of the show without any problems.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/28/17

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