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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/14/17 Ė 8/18/17

It might be time for John to get a new cell phone or for him to get his ears cleaned.  Marlena called him for help, but he couldnít hear her.  He managed to hear her call his name and say that she needed help, but he conveniently didnít hear the rest of what she said.  Itís funny how we were able to hear her talking clearly on his end, but he said she was breaking up.  Is he working with Anjelica too?  Itís s far fetched theory, but it wouldnít surprise us if he were working with her.

Chloe was willing to help Lucas when she found him drinking.  She wanted to listen to what happened to make him drink.  He gave her a hard time since she hurt him too, but she wanted to stop him from drinking anyway.  She offered to take him to a meeting and call Maggie.  He didnít want to deal with either one so she took him home.  They didnít have the best relationship, but she was there when he needed someone.

Brady was ready to jump at the chance to turn Eric in to the police.  He found the amulet in Ericís room and realized he was Deimosí killer.  He rushed to Victor to let him know what he found out.  Do you think he would have been willing to turn Eric in if he didnít think he was with Nicole?  Itís a safe bet that Brady would be more torn if he didnít think they were having an affair.

The writers gave us a possible lead on the person who was working with Dario.  The person was none other than Abe.  Thatís right, everyone.  Honest Abe was the person that was supposed to be working with Dario.  Thereís another person that we think did it, but letís focus on Abe for now.  Abe was a dedicated cop for years.  The man was very by the book.  He didnít want Theo to go to jail because of the DiMeras.  Heís the last person anyone would suspect being involved in counterfeiting.  Unfortunately, things look bad for the mayor.  He suddenly bought Valerie expensive jewelry.  There is never anything wrong with that, but thatís a different issue.  He also tipped his server with at least $200.  The service had to be amazing.  Where did he get the money?  The evidence looks bad, but we think Abe is a red herring for the real suspect.  He never interacted with Dario besides when he married him and Abby.  He will most likely have a reason for having the money out of the blue.  Itís strange that Eli would allow his mother to date a man whoís involved in something illegal and not tell her about it.  We think Darioís partner is Raines.  Heís been a little too concerned about Dario leaving Salem.  He kept pumping Lani for information about Dario.  He also wouldnít let Rafe work on the case.  The problem with that theory is that heís also a by the book cop.  He also had no interaction with Dario so a secret partnership doesnít make any sense.  Raines also seemed concerned about find the person who hit Abby.  The twist has holes in t either way, but we are curious as to how the story will end.

Kayla was such a b*tch this week.  She was so evil to Steve when he wanted to support Joeyís decision to go to the police.  She basically said he destroyed their family when he only wanted to support Joey.  She also tried to blackmail Joey to keep him from going to the police.  She told him that the family would stay together as long as he didnít go to the police.  What kind of mother would say something like that to her child?  She may as well just accept that Joey wanted to do the right thing.  Steve should be careful because he will feel the wrath of Kayla when Joey goes to the police.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 8/19/17

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