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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/24/17 – 7/28/17

It was weird to see Marlena and Adrienne suddenly talking to each other this week.  They didn’t interact with each other much considering Marlena’s grandson and Adrienne’s son were married.  We know that everyone in Salem has to be friends with each other, but they were barely talking to each other.  Now that Anjelica needs Hattie and Bonnie for her plan, they suddenly had scenes together.  The story is okay so far, but their interaction seemed contrived.  We know that they are only talking to each other to move the plot along.

Speaking of Anjelica’s plan, what is the point of having the doppelgangers?  She already had Hattie in on her plan and now she needs Bonnie to pretend to be Adrienne.  We don’t understand how Hattie and Bonnie would help her get Justin.  The story is okay for now because it is giving Deidre Hall and Judy Evans a storyline, but we don’t see the point of two sets being in Salem.  Also, it was convenient that Hattie and Bonnie happened to know each other.  Hattie was in prison near Salem, but Bonnie wasn’t at that prison.  When could they have met?

Nicole despised Eric so that was weird that he would think she would want him.  Does Brady have so little faith in Nicole’s ability to faithful that he believed she would cheat?  Nicole was with Deimos for a while, but he didn’t think she would go back to him.  For some reason, he thought she would jump at the chance to be with Eric over a “meaningless kiss”.  He claimed he was able to forgive it, but he obviously couldn’t forget about it.

We couldn’t believe what we saw this week.  Nicole actually told Eric that she forgave him for what happened to Daniel.  It took her a very long time to get to that point.  We could have lived without hearing about Daniel again, but it was good to see her finally forgive Eric for what happened.  It will be nice not to hear Nicole whining about what Eric did to Saint Daniel.

Gabi found out what Abby had to go through with Chad.  She had her insecurity issues about Abby this week.  She knows what Abby went through when she thought Chad wanted to be with Abby.  Gabi thought that Chad only wanted her, but she had doubts about his love this week.  Gabi deserved to feel the same insecurity that Abby felt about her.  We won’t be surprised if she tries to get pregnant to try to keep Chad.

Abby finally stood up to Dario about the fake marriage.  It was good to see her stand up to him like that.  She let him know that he lied to her about why they got married.  He told her that he loved her, but she didn’t care.  She told him that she would never love him.  It’s about time that she saw the light about him.  She can’t really do much because he’s blackmailing Chad, but she did something.


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Page updated 7/31/17

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