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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/26/17 Ė 6/30/17

Kayla should stop pushing her luck with Jade.  She must have forgotten that Jade knows what really happened to Ava.  Joey is the only reason why she didnít tell what happened to Ava so she should be careful how she treats her.  Jade could tell what Joey did to Ava.  Kayla should watch how she talks to and about Jade because she could tell the truth.

Gabi was trying too hard to be a martyr when it concerned what happened between Chad and Abby. She could convince herself that she had nothing to do with the divorce, but she didnít help the situation by being with Chad. She could have made it work with Eli instead of jumping at the chance to be with Chad.  She didnít even wait for his divorce to be final before she had sex with him.

Why was it so easy for Deimos to slip in and out of the party at the Martin house?  He was only wearing a wig and a beard so he still looked like himself.  Paul was the only one who recognized him, but it didnít matter since he was knocked out.  No wonder Deimos was able to get away with everything because they are stupid people.

Itís obvious that the writers wanted to ďtry something differentĒ by having the partygoers get high at the party.  The drug conveniently allowed different pairs to be tempted to kiss each other.  Chad/Abby, Lani/Eli, and Eric/Nicole conveniently kissed each other.  Weíre supposed to believe that Chad loves Gabi and Nicole loves Brady so much.  They obviously donít love them the way they thought.  They get to be let off the hook because they were drugged.  Why did they bother to have the characters do that if they are going to be let off the hook for it?  The scenes were painful to watch because they did terrible jobs convincing us they were high.

The writers proved that Daniel meant the world to them.  They probably hated to fire him, but the fans hated him.  They keep bringing him back on the show for no reason.  Bo hasnít been back at all.  Bo was an integral part of the show as well as a popular character, but he hasnít come back since that episode that was dedicated to Hope.  Daniel isnít more important than Bo so we donít need to keep seeing him every couple of months.  The writers should give us a chance to miss him instead of shoving him down our throats again.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 7/2/17

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