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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/27/17 Ė 3/3/17

Who was Gabi to get upset that JJ was going out with Lani? Gabi just told Chad that she loved him so why did she care if JJ moved on with his life? Was JJ supposed to stay alone while she had her mental affair with Chad?

Marlena must have forgotten that she didnít like the idea of Jennifer being with Eric. Now that Marlena wanted Jennifer to talk Eric into coming home, she realized that Eric had feelings for Jennifer. It was amazing how easily Marlena was willing to change her mind about Eric being with Jennifer.

Did Deimos really think that Nicole would forgive him for costing her her child? Deimos must really be arrogant to think that Nicole would get over what he did.

Chloe is a heartless b*tch. She refused to let Nicole see Holly. Chloe told Nicole that she wasnít keeping Holly away to hurt Nicole, but that excuse doesnít wash. Chloe isnít helping Nicole by keeping Holly away so she is hurting her.

We understand that Nicole was upset that Eric killed St. Daniel, but who was she to act as if Eric couldnít be forgiven for his actions? What if she wasnít forgiven for all of her actions? Besides, if St. Daniel didnít die, Brady wouldnít be alive. She was so wrapped up into herself that she didnít remember that. 

Gabi is such a hypocrite. She had a lot of nerve being upset with JJ for moving on with Lani as if she isnít in love with Chad. She also felt like she could question JJ about his love life, but said it was none of his business who she was in love with.

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Page updated 3/3/17

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