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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


It was weird seeing Rafe and Carrie talk about Hope as if they werenít trying to get together. It was easy to forget that they had feelings for each other since they left it the elephant in the room.

Brady managed to get Chloe to tell him the truth about Holly. We didnít expect her to tell him the truth so easily. Itís too bad he didnít record the conversation because he doesnít have any proof that she confessed to Holly being Nicoleís.

Nicole managed to get in trouble for saving Deimos. She stabbed the hitman that Dario sent to kill Deimos. It didnít look good for Nicole that the hitman never touched Deimos.

Chloe decided she wasnít going to tell Nicole the truth about Holly. Chloe isnít Hollyís mother so itís not her place to decide whether or not Hollyís life is in danger. It is Nicoleís choice to make.

Was anyone else ready to smack Claire when the teens were moving in their apartment? She was focused on social media instead of unpacking. We know the writers expect us to find her refreshing because she acts like a teenager, but she is annoying beyond belief.

We were surprised that Chloe told Nicole the truth about Holly. We didnít think that Chloe would have said anything since she wanted to keep it from Nicole until she broke up with Deimos.

We enjoyed watching Nicole rip into Chloe for keeping Holly from her. It served Chloe right that Nicole ripped into her since Chloe thought she was right to keep the baby from her. We are sick of Chloe trying to justify why she wanted to keep the baby away from Deimos as if it were her decision to make.

Chloe had a lot of nerve trying to sue for custody of Holly. Chloe isnít Hollyís mother so you would think that Nicole would win custody of the baby. Chloe showed how good of a friend she is, didnít she?

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Page updated 1/27/17

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