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Loving/The City Trivia Quiz Page

Trivia Quiz #1 by Suzanne

Test your Knowledge!

1. In which state did the show take place?

a. New York

b. Pennsylvania

c. New Jersey

d. Connecticut

2. Which woman co-created the show with Douglas Marland?

a. Agnes Nixon

b. Gloria Monty

c. Irna Phillips

D. Doris Hursley

3. In which decade did the show premiere?

a. 70's

b. 90's

c. 80's

d. 60's

4. What happened at the end of "Loving" that caused some of the characters to move to New York City?

a. serial killer

b. flood

c. sex scandal

d. tornado

5. Characters from which other soap opera appeared on "Loving" as regular characters for a while?

a. One Life to Live

b. Young & The Restless

c. Ryan's Hope

d. All My Children

6. Which was not a family name on the show?

a. Cortlandt

b. Alden

c. Donovan

d. Forbes

7. Which Oscar winner played Isabelle Alden?

a. Anna Lee

b. Frances Reid

c. Celeste Holm

d. Jeanne Cooper

8. Which soap opera later had two characters visit Corinth to discuss what happened there?

a. One Life to Live

b. General Hospital

c. All My Children

d. Days of Our Lives

9. Which primetime actress starred in "The City?"

a. Joan Collins

b. Victoria Principal

c. Morgan Fairchild

d. Joan Van Ark

10. Which nickname was not used on the show?

a. Rocky

b. Slim

c. Buck

d. J.J.



1. b
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. d
6. a
7. c
8. b
9. c
10. b

Page updated 4/25/15

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