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Alex Masters

Randolph Mantooth as Alex Masters on Loving

Written by Monica

 An enigma, Alex arrived in Corinth pretending to be Clay Alden, telling the family he had plastic surgery. He fell for Ava Rescott and married her. Things looked sunny for a while, but his past soon caught up with him. When the real Clay Alden returned, Alex had to rebuild his life from scratch. He left Corinth for a while, becoming a police officer, and trying to make his life work with his first wife Egypt Jones.  However, his heart cried out for Ava, and he soon returned. He and Ava tried to make it work, but when close friends were murdered, Alex and Ava discovered that they had drifted apart. So Alex packed up once again and moved to New York, becoming a private detective with Tony Soleito and falling for Jocelyn Brown, who held a dark secret in her past that soon was revealed to him. It took Alex some time to come to terms with her past, but he did in the end.

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