B&B Wednesday Update 2/13/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/13/19


Written By Anthony

Xander knows that Zoe’s mind is on things with Reese and Flo. He wants to do something special for her. Zoe guesses. Xander thinks this is the most romantic day of the year. He can understand why she cannot think of anything else. Zoe saw those adoption papers herself. Zoe knows it sounds crazy, because everything feels like Phoebe is Flo’s bio mom.

Flo texts Reese to call her about Zoe.

Pam tells Hope that Medieval Nights is one thing that Charlie love. She thought that Hope and Liam might like them one night. They are good for several months. Hope hugs Pam. Sally told Pam she would be fine. Hope asks why she was scared to give her these. Pam guesses that some people claim she is pushy. She knows she is back at the office. It hasn’t been easy but she is doing it. The next step might be dinner theater for her. She has suffered a loss but she is getting through this. She is taking her life back. It is great. Hope doesn’t think it feels real sometimes. She thinks that Beth will be there sometimes full of life. She wishes if only.

Thorne walks into Katie’s living room and asks what she is doing. Katie is working on plans for tonight. She asks if he will be her Valentine. The two kiss one another. Thorne guesses that Donna is dropping Will off for a sleepover. Katie thought that Will might want to watch Will today if he doesn’t have anything pressing going on at the office. Thorne hopes she knows how much she means to him.

Pam will let her get to work. She hopes she enjoys the tickets. Wyatt tells her that she is back and they need to get down to business.

Flo looks at her phone. Reese receives the text message.

Xander suggests that if Reese were here she could ask him face to face and figure out how he is involved. Zoe cannot do that. Women have taken advantage of him before. She doesn’t know what happened. It was obvious that they were living together. She could have had hard times and needed to put her baby up for adoption. Xander thinks that is a big coincidence.

Thorne just wants her to know how much having her in his life has meant to him. He didn’t even know if he would fit in but Katie welcomed him to her family. Katie thinks it takes an amazing person to commit the way he has. She doesn’t know how much more lucky she could get. Thorne thinks this makes it even harder to say what he has to say.

Hope asks if they are having a meeting. Wyatt wants a brief one. Sally has something she wants to run by her. Sally assumes she is wondering what these are. Hope thinks they are probably sketches. Sally knows she designs for lingerie but she has a few ideas for things. Hope really appreciates the initiative. She knows they are trying to get her mind back on work. Sally asks if it is working. Hope guesses at times. She just keeps wondering why she had to lose her baby girl.

Zoe pulled Flo’s robe to see what she looked like. She needs answers. She doesn’t look like she is Phoebe’s birth mother. Then there is Reese. He was acting so weird before he left. He has a woman living in his flat. She intends to figure out what is going on. She is going to see if she can get to the bottom of this once and for all. Xander wishes her good luck. Zoe thanks him.

Thorne says this is about them and Will. As hard as it is to say he doesn’t think their marriage should have happened. Katie asks if he wants to end their marriage. Thorne thinks it is for the best for his sake and for her and Will.

Flo asks why it has taken him so long to get back. Flo tells Reese that his daughter saw the adoption papers. Reese asks if she saw Steffy’s name. She had to convince her that she was the mother. People are going to know the truth about Steffy’s baby. All hell is going to break loose. Flo sees the door. Flo demands to know the entire truth right now.

Katie thought that he just said he loves her. Thorne does. Katie thought they were happy. Thorne thinks this is no one’s fault. This has been building up inside of him for a while. They got married fast. There were circumstances. Will was going through a difficult time. They cared deeply about each other but they got married for Will’s sake too. Bill and her share custody again though. He is thrilled. Will’s well being was one of the reasons that brought them together. Bill is actually stepping it up as a father. It feels like he is in the way. Thorne came into Will’s life to be a father figure. This new Bill has emerged and he is happy that he has. He is glad that Will has a good relationship with his father. He doesn’t want to get in the way of that. Thorne also has his own issues. He misses his daughter more than he knows. Hope and Liam losing their daughter might have made him think about it more. He thinks he was using them to void the hole in her heart. He loves her to much to allow this to continue. Thorne had these papers drawn up. It is the hardest thing that he has ever had to do. He cannot lie to her and it is starting to feel like he is. He thinks they should annul their marriage.

Sally thinks they can do this later. Hope does like the concepts. Hope does need to find a way to get passed this. Wyatt wants her to stop blaming herself for what happened. She did everything she could to bring her child safely into this world. Hope thinks if she had stayed awake she would be here with her today.

Flo doesn’t think that Zoe can start jumping to conclusions. Zoe asks why she was so concerned about things. Flo asks what she didn’t tell her about this. She demands to know what they are hiding. Flo doesn’t know what she expects her to say. She heard her say that she wanted her to back off before people found out what they did. Zoe will go to the police if she had to. Flo didn’t know what her father did until it was to late. Zoe asks what she did. Flo says that he helped with the adoption. Zoe asks how her father got ahold of a baby. She will go to the cops. Flo explains that her dad switched the baby’s.

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