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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/13/18


Written By Anthony

Brooke tells Steffy that Kelly is beautiful as Brooke visits the cliff house. Steffy asks if Brooke would like to hold her. Brooke asks if she can. Steffy says of course. Brooke thinks that Kelly is a strong little girl. Steffy agrees. Brooke is so happy for Steffy. Steffy thanks her. She thinks it means a lot that she is here. Steffy knows she is not in an easy position being Hope’s mom. She assumes that Ridge had her come here to ease things over. Steffy smiles as Brooke holds Kelly.

Emma cannot believe that she just hit Xander in the head. Hope is going to call someone because he is completely out cold. Emma asks if he can hear her. Xander wakes up and says whoa. Emma thinks that whoa is right.

Vivienne tells Julius in the design office that Xander will be just fine. He has a good head on shoulders. Julius thinks that this is LA. They are talking about fast cars and women here. Maya wants to know what decade he is living in. Julius needs to make sure that his nephew is alright. Maya promises that Xander will be alright. He will be busy around here with the internship. Pam walks in. She is sorry to interrupt but Hope just called from backstage. It sounds like something might have happened to Xander. Julius knew that he needed to keep an eye on him.

In the CEO office, Thorne asks if that kiss was too soon. Katie reminds him that he only broke up with Wyatt like five seconds ago. Thorne points out that life is short. Katie never said she was complaining. Thorne knows that breaking up with someone you care about is hard. He does think her future is about to get a whole lot brighter though.

Steffy walks out from her bedroom. She is back. Brooke hopes that Kelly gets to sleep for a while. Steffy is glad that Brooke got to meet her. She is her step-grandmother after all. Brooke wears that title proudly. She admits that Ridge didn’t know she was here. She wanted to come by on her own. Steffy asks how Hope is doing. Brooke is sad for her. She is happy for Steffy but… Steffy understands that Hope is her first priority. She can only imagine how hard it is for Hope right now.

Emma is so sorry. She didn’t realize that Xander was there. Maya walks backstage with Vivienne and Julius. They ask if he is alright. Julius wonders what happened. Hope asks if they know him. Maya admits that this is her cousin Xander and he just started his internship today. Julius asks who the girl is. Hope tells them that this is Emma one of the interns that Xander will be working with

Thorne think things are looking up for Katie and they have nothing to do with his height. Pam walks in with Will. Pam was playing hide and seek with him and she found him in the lobby sneaking candy. Thorne wonders what Will’s favorite candy is. Will say chocolate. Thorne asks if Will likes her lemon bars. Will guesses they are ok. Pam laughs at this.

Brooke knows that now that Steffy has a daughter of her own, she can imagine why she is so protective of Hope. She knows that Steffy has not had a perfect life. It can kill you to see your child struggle. Steffy is really sorry that Hope is hurting. She knows her life has been torn a part. What happened months ago she cannot erase. Liam is committed to her though. Hope deserves a family and she will get that. She will get a wonderful man.

Hope thinks it is nice to meet Xander. Xander assumes that she is Hope Maya explains she is in charge of Hope For the Future. Julius asks what kind of a dancer Emma is. Emma was just feeling the music. She didn’t think anyone was behind her. Julius thinks that it is a good thing that she missed her face. Maya thinks that this is the perfect time for Xander to start his internship. Hope thinks they can all discuss this later. Hope needs to go see someone. Emma is so sorry. She got carried away. She asks how his head is. Xander is a bit dizzy. Emma has that affect sometimes. Xander assumes she does.

Thorne asks if Will has any favorite action figures. Will likes cars. He likes police cars. Thorne ask if he has ever heard of a monster truck. They have tires as large as the ceiling. Katie thinks that if they go see one then Thorne will have to come with them. Pam tells Will they will go and look up a monster truck on her computer. Katie doesn’t know what she will do with Will. She can tell that Will likes Thorne. He knows when she has been having a bad day. Katie doesn’t want Will to worry about her. Katie thinks that every choice needs to be for his good. Thorne promises that Katie is a great mother and is doing everything right.

Emma is looking through paperwork. Xander thinks she knows how to make an impression on a guy. Emma really is sorry. She didn’t realize she knocked him out on his first day. Xander thinks they will be working a lot with each other. Emma is sure she will keep him in line. Xander is sure that she will but she better not pull any punches.

Thorne knows that it is a lonely job but beyond worth it. Katie imagines that Aly was really lucky to have him as a father. Thorne was the lucky one. There is not a day that he doesn’t miss her. They are talking about Katie here though. Katie can talk cars all day. She admits that she does need alone time all day. Katie was the girl who had a nose in a book. She wants to live the world now. She wonders about Thorne though. She sees him walk around the office confident and how kind he is. She remembers the kiss they shared at Brooke’s wedding. Thorne does as well. Katie is going to be fine going forward. She has a good life and good friends. She has a beautiful, smart boy she is raising. She admits she would rather have a great guy than live her life alone. Thorne doesn’t think she has to live alone.

Steffy thinks it will mean a lot to Ridge that Brooke stopped by. Steffy wants them all to get along. Brooke asks her to give the baby another kiss for her. Hope shows up. She came to meet the baby. Brooke will leave them to catch up. Hope thinks it is good to see her. Hope thinks that Steffy is beautiful and a mom.

Thorne meant what he said about the monster truck rally. It could be a first date. He would love to sit down with her eat a hot dog and have a giant beer. Katie says that is her idea date. Katie is still mourning her freshly ended relationship. Thorne wants to spend time with her. He is not going to pretend he doesn’t. He has feelings for her. He knows that she is worried about Will, but she doesn’t have to raise him alone. He wants to be there for her.

Steffy thinks it is nice of Hope to stop by. Liam is out buying baby gear. Hope can only imagine how happy Liam is. Steffy thinks they are sweet together. Steffy has a feeling that she is going to get away with everything as a teenager. Steffy look at a little dress that Hope bought for Kelly. Steffy hears Kelly wake up. It looks like Hope is going to meet her for the first time. Hope sees the portrait of Steffy and Liam. She frowns. Steffy walks back in and Hope says hi to her. She thinks it is nice to meet her. She thinks she is so precious and tiny. She realizes it is Steffy and Liam’s daughter. This is what matters. Putting her needs first. She and Liam are so blessed.

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