B&B Tuesday Update 3/20/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/20/18


Written by Anthony

Steffy doesn’t think that Sanchez can be serious. Sanchez thinks that attempted murder is very serious. There is a man fighting for his life in there. It is his job to find out who put him there. Hope doesn’t think that there is anyway that Liam could have shot anyone. Liam asks if this is for real and he thinks he tried to kill his own father.

Brooke and Ridge kiss each other passionately in his office. He thanks her and thinks that they need to do more of this. He has been neglecting her and he didn’t want their married life to start like this. Ridge had a visitor today. It was Thomas. Brooke is shocked he is in town but didn’t let him know. Ridge had to ask him if he was the one who shot Bill.

Justin is on the phone with someone in Bill’s office. Wyatt storms into the room and demands he hang up the phone. Justin asks what this is about. Wyatt tells him that this is about trust or the lack there of. Justin doesn’t have time to guess what he wants. Wyatt wants to see the papers that Bill signed that put him in charge. Wyatt doesn’t think that there should be hesitation. If these papers exist, then he wants to see them. Justin says they were drawn up the night of the shooting. Wyatt wonders if he did or didn’t sign them. Justin thinks he would have signed them had he not been shot. He asks if it was Wyatt shot him.

Brooke wonders why Ridge would accuse Thomas of shooting Bill. She knows that Thomas and Sally were involved but attempted murder though. Brooke wonders what Bill did. Ridge asks if she knows how Thomas wanted to be involved with Sally. Brooke does. Ridge guesses Caroline got sick. Brooke asks if that is why Thomas went back there. Ridge tells her that Bill to him that Caroline was dying. Bill lied to make sure he got what he wants. It is pretty sick.

Sanchez needs to know what happened. He is not accusing him of anything. Bill did betray him though. Sanchez needs to know where he was at the night his father was shot.

Brooke is just shocked that Caroline would go along with such an awful lie. Ridge guesses that it just shows how much of a manipulator Bill actually is. He went after Caroline where she is weakest. Her desire for Thomas and to put her family back together. He was falling more for Sally every day. Bill was there the entire time. Brooke imagines this devastates Caroline. Ridge thinks that Thomas has two reasons to hate Bill. Brooke doesn’t think that Thomas is a cold blooded murderer. You cannot take that back. Ridge obviously had to ask him. Brooke assumes he denied it. Ridge confirms he did. Ridge knows he is right at the top of the list still. Brooke knows that Bill has done terrible things but she doesn’t want him to die. Ridge knows that is because she is a good person. Ridge is not like that. He doesn’t care what happens to Bill.

Steffy doesn’t think there is any reason to go after Liam. Sanchez just wants to know what happened the night that Bill got shot. Steffy explains that Liam was with her. She asked him to dinner. Sanchez asks what time he got there. Steffy guesses seven-thirty. Liam is not blaming Sanchez for asking questions but he doesn’t need to rehash this. He didn’t shoot Bill. His brain doesn’t work this way. Liam quit his father’s company. He doesn’t care about the money. He lived most of his life without it. Hope thinks he is telling the truth. Liam wants him to find the person who shot him. Sanchez is going to go ask his brother Wyatt the same questions.

Wyatt cannot believe he is really being serious. He cannot believe he is being asked if he shot his own father. Justin is asking it though.

Ridge feels that Bill got what he deserved. Ridge would have shot him in the head. He hates everything about Bill. He went to have sex with his sons wife. Brooke wants him to calm down. This turns him into someone she doesn’t know. Ridge says ok. The two hug.

Hope thinks it was great how Steffy told Sanchez where Liam was. Steffy is glad that Liam came over. Hope wants Wyatt to be able to get off too. She thinks from a cops point of view there is a lot going on with Wyatt and Bill as well. Steffy guesses that Sanchez has two motives with greed and passion.

Wyatt thinks it is a new low that Justin thinks he would shoot his father. Justin doesn’t think he would be the first. Passion runs high between father and sons. Justin knows what went down when he and Katie made their happy announcement. Bill hated the idea of Will having his brother as his step-father. Justin knows that Wyatt made a few threats of his own. Justin thinks it was a mans instinct to protect his woman. There is one little detail of Bill getting shocked. Wyatt doesn’t think this is working on him. It is clever he deflected on that. Bill is still out of commission though. Sanchez walks in wondering if he needs to stop a fight. Justin thinks it was just a disagreement. Sanchez wants a minute alone with Wyatt. Justin leaves. Sanchez wants to talk with him about Bill’s attempted murder.

Brooke asks if Steffy is watching her stress level with the baby. Steffy is. She just is annoyed the doctor cannot tell them anything. Brooke knows she is going through a lot. She needs to be able to vent for herself and the baby’s sake. Steffy admits the police tried to question Liam. Steffy thinks this is weird. Something is bothering her. She confided in her about Bill proposing to her and she told Hope. Brooke guesses it just slipped out. Steffy hopes that she doesn’t tell Liam. He doesn’t need to know that.

Liam tells Hope at his hotel room she didn’t have to come with him. He was just getting new cloths. Hope hates that Sanchez accused him. Hope admires that Liam is there for Bill in this situation. Liam doesn’t want Bill to die. Hope thinks he is such a good person. She needs to tell him what is going on. The night of the shooting something happened. He deserves to know the truth. Liam has no idea what she is talking about. Hope says that before Bill was shot he was at the cliff house. She hates to pile this on for him. Liam asks what is going on. Hope tells him that Bill proposed to Steffy. He asked her to marry him.

Sanchez thinks it looks like him and Justin were having a moment. Wyatt thinks that it gets heated sometimes. Wyatt guesses it isn’t a secret he was going to be cut from the company. Wyatt asks what he is trying to get at. Sanchez knows that Bill blew up on him. Not to mention that he was going to sue Katie for full-custody. He asks if he was so enraged he tried to kill his father.

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