B&B Thursday Update 2/21/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/21/19


Written by Anthony

Wyatt asks what Sally has in mind. Sally thinks that there is actually a chance that Spectra could rise from the actions thanks to him. Wyatt thinks that Bill is going to have to make amends for what he did to her. They are a package deal.

Bill asks Will about Ben Franklyn being on the hundred dollar Bill. He wonders who is on the hundred thousand dollar bill Will knows but those bills were stopped in 1969 due to lack of use. Bill thinks that even Justin couldn’t have gotten that right. Bill wonders where else he would want to be today.

Liam says Pam just called. She is worried and called to make sure she is ok. Liam suggests they drive down to the beach and clear their heads. Hope has a better idea. Hope thinks there is someone that needs him more. He should go be with Phoebe and Kelly. Liam can see the girls another time. Liam thinks that Steffy has things under control. Hope thinks that he should be there for Phoebe and Kelly. Liam wants to be there for her. Hope thinks that he has been. Hope needs him to feel better. Hope asks him to go spend time with the girls. He needs to go appreciate them all as a family.

Steffy thinks about giving birth to Kelly. She remembers Liam being there. Steffy folds laundry.

Sally asks if they are really a package deal. Sally appreciates his support but doesn’t want him to jeopardize his future. Wyatt guesses they will find out what happens.

Donna thinks that Justin knows Bill better than she does. Justin thinks that this is Bill at his best. He thinks that it be great to get the family back together. Will would be glad to see his family back together again.

Will thinks they are already beating the kids in the forth great. Bill thinks that Will is quite a kid. Katie thinks that Will depends on him a lot. Katie promises that they will be fine but Will does care to have a dad who cares as much as he does.

Sally asks who said that nights in shining armor don’t exist. Wyatt thinks he is the court gesture. Wyatt thinks that Bill used every dirty trick to get what he wanted. Wyatt thinks it is time for Bill to prove himself. He thinks that if he wants this then these are his conditions. Sally thinks he is incredible. The two kiss.

Donna never knew that he was such an old softy. Justin doesn’t want her to let that get around. Donna thinks that a lot has happened to both of them. She thinks their greatest accomplishment was always Marcus. He thinks they have something special to do again. She lives with Katie and he is Bill’s only friend. They have a chance to reunite a family.

Bill thinks that Will has a nice medal. Katie says that he also did well with international exchange. Will thought it felt good to have his help. Bill has a promise that he will never let ether of them down again. He hugs Will.

Steffy does the dishes. She hears the girls crying in the other room. She tries to make diner really quickly and starts to put together their bottles. She drops the formula on the ground.

Hope thinks that Steffy and the girls need him. Liam will always be there for Kelly and now Phoebe. They are still working through their own loss. He thinks she needs him just as much. Brooke walks in and asks if they are ok. Hope tells him to go spend time with his girls. Liam will not be long. Hope knows what he will say. Liam has another family and he should spend as much time as possible as he wants with them. Hope thinks his other family is important to him as well. Brooke is concerned where this might lead.

Wyatt will make things clear for Bill.

Hope thinks that Liam loves being there. Brooke thinks that she feels guilt over keeping Liam away from his daughter. Hope thinks the babies need him more and that is what it comes down to.

Liam tells Steffy that it was awesome to see the children. Steffy thinks he has a special bond with Kelly and Phoebe. He needs to let Hope be her first priority. Liam thinks that Hope thinks otherwise.

Katie is shocked that Donna was with Justin. Donna explains that Justin thinks that there is something that could happen between Bill and her.

Justin hopes that everything went fine with him and Katie. Bill is all about family now. Wyatt hopes he means that. Wyatt is here to give him an answer to his offer.

Katie tells Donna to get the idea of a reunion out of her head.

Bill wants to make one more pitch. He wants them to work side by side again. Wyatt gets the priority thing. Wyatt wants to come back. Bill asks if he really wants to. Bill is so happy. Wyatt has one thing. He wants justice for the woman in his life. He wants Bill to revive Spectra.

Steffy asks if Hope would really insist on this. She is sorry if she is having a hard time. Liam thinks it gets better with each day but it is hard. Steffy knows she is so ready to be a mom. Liam thinks that this makes it sad that she doesn’t even have her daughter to protect.

Brooke is sure that Kelly and Phoebe are thriving. Hope doesn’t think she will have a family. She already lost two children. Brooke thinks she will have the family she wants. Hope is not sure she wants that anymore. She is miserable. Being with her husband should comfort her but she feels guilty to deprive those little girls when they need Liam. Brooke reminds her to stop thinking that Phoebe belongs to Liam. Hope thinks those little girls need him. She asks how she can keep them from him. He needs to be with his daughter’s. That is where he belongs.

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