B&B Monday Update 2/18/19

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/18/19


Written by Anthony

Zoe cannot believe he did this. She refuses to be his excuse for something so horrible. He convinced Hope that her child died. Steffy is raising Hope’s child and deserves to know the truth.

Hope thinks that Phoebe is so precious. She knows that when they are this tiny, they are easy to hold.

Wyatt walks into Bill’s office. Wyatt points out that he summoned him. Bill thinks that this worked. Wyatt would have stopped by without him demanding. Wyatt explains that Will has a major change in his life. Thorne went back to Paris for good and Katie annulled their marriage.

Brooke thinks this came out of nowhere. Katie has gone over everything in her head. She had no idea that he was leaving her. Katie guesses that Thorne wasn’t happy. Donna is shocked. Katie hugs the two of them.

Wyatt guesses that Katie is a mess right now trying to figure out what is going on. According to Katie, Will is ok with this. They say that kids are more perceptive. Wyatt thinks that Will is going to be ok. Bill wonders about Katie.

Katie explains that Thorne and her told Will together. She thinks that Will knows what Thorne is leaving somehow. Donna wants to know why Thorne would leave.

Steffy thinks if it is ok with Hope she will check up on her every once in a while. She just needs to make sure the girls are not hurting her though. Hope loves spending time with both Phoebe and Kelly unless it makes her uncomfortable. Hope thinks it helps so much.

Zoe thinks that Hope deserves to know that he baby didn’t die and is under Steffy’s care. She thinks that he made a mess of things. Reese thinks that he hates what Hope is going through. He only did this to save her. He loves her more than anything. If she goes to Hope and tells her what he has done, then Flo and him will go to jail.

Brooke understands about wanting to deal with grief but he could find a support group here. Katie guesses that is not how he wants to handle things. He is just trying to help things for down the line. Donna suggests that there might be something that she is not telling them. Brooke wonders where all this is coming from then. Katie knows that Thorne has issues that he needs to deal with but the other reason why he is leaving is because he thinks that she is still in love with Bill.

Bill wonders how Katie is dealing with the breakup. Bill knows that Katie is usually good with emotional stuff. You always know where you stand with him. He thought he would make it a few years. Wyatt guesses that he thought that it was because of Bill.

Hope picks up toys around Steffy’s living room. She sees the picture of Steffy and Liam. Steffy tells Hope she is sorry. It takes both the girls forever to get to bed. Hope knows she is like super mom. Steffy figures things out because she has to. She is the parent here. Hope thanks her for letting her share in all this. Phoebe brings her so much peace. She is really blessed to be her mom.

Reese thinks he will be arrested and he will lose his medical license. His life will cease to exist. Reese is sorry that he did what he did but he has to protect him. That is his job. Zoe thought she was out of danger. Reese doesn’t think the thugs will respond positively to him being in jail. He begs her to let it be. Steffy is a wonderful mother and Hope will still be in the baby’s life. Reese hates that he did this to everyone. As guilty as he is and as selfish as his sounds he doesn’t want to go to prison. Zoe is not sure she can stay quiet about this. She storms out. Reese begs her to wait.

Zoe hugs Xander. He asks why she is so upset. Zoe got into a fight with Reese. She wants to know why he cannot do the right thing. She asks is alright. Zoe needs to see Steffy.

Bill has not messed with Katie and Thorne at all. Wyatt thinks he has been steady lately. There were only a few moments where he didn’t. Wyatt thinks that the only reason they married was to show that Will could have a good family. Bill doesn’t need Thorne’s approval. Katie is accepting of his presence. Thorne is convinced they love each other though.

Donna wonders if she is giving reason to make Thorne thinks she still loves Bill. Katie is not. She is not still in love with bill.

Flo walks into the apartment. She asks if he was able to calm her down. Reese doesn’t think that is happening. She thinks he has to. She knows to much. Reese thinks that is her fault. Flo wonders what she will do. She did everything to help him. She needs to know what to do so she can get the hell out of here.

Zoe thanks Steffy for allowing them to come over on such short notice. She wanted to talk with them about Hope’s baby. Steffy wonders what about her.

Bill thinks that if Thorne actually said anything then he would know. Bill will always care about Katie as Will’s parent. He has always preached support as family. He has lost his way as leader in that regard. He is determined to get their family back on track. He needs his help.

Flo doesn’t think that Zoe will turn him in. Reese does’ think that Zoe will go to the police but she will probably go to Hope or Steffy.

Hope shows up at work. She thought it sounded like a good idea. Brooke doesn’t want her to over do anything. Hope feels pretty good today. Phoebe the affect on her. Steffy has been great at letting her spend time with her girls. Hope thinks she might actually get out of this with some of her sanity intact.

Steffy asks what she wanted to see her about. Zoe knows that losing her child has been so hard for Hope. Steffy admits she lost baby Aspen once. She didn’t carry her to term. Steffy can only imagine what Hope is going through. Zoe thinks that there is no reason that Hope should have lost her baby. She thinks that she just missed her. She comes over to see the girls. She enjoys spending time with Phoebe. When she holds Phoebe it all seems to slip away. She makes Hope come alive. On one level it is heart breaking and then she sees the connection. Steffy thought they had a connection from the moment she met. She has to remind herself that she is holding Phoebe not Beth. Zoe thinks there might be a reason for that. Why Hope finds so much peace when she holds Phoebe. As if she were her own daughter.

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