B&B Monday Update 11/12/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/12/18


Written by Anthony

Ridge tells Brooke not to let Bill get to her. He doesn’t think that Bill has any proof. The few people who do know are not saying anything. Brooke wants to know why Bill keeps asking her about this. Bill thinks that he could see the guilt on her face. Brooke is ashamed of what he did.

Bill asks Ken what he is doing. Ken needs him to know if Allison is married. Justin tells him to stay focused. Ken doesn’t think it hurts to ask. Ken knows he is a guy who likes things right away. Bill has another plan right now.

Pam asks which Mrs. Forrester someone wants. Pam puts them through to Katie. Pam gets another call. Donna walks over on the phone. She cannot believe she moved their table around. Pam walks over. Pam heard she was back. Donna thinks she was her first stop. Quinn walks in and asks if she was looking for someone. Donna was looking for Pam. Pam explains that Donna used to work here. Quinn is well aware and wants to know what she is doing here now. Pam asks what it looks like. Pam thinks that if she had friends she would know. Quinn is frustrated trying to get an order together. Quinn tells Pam to get an order on track. Pam has already called in the order. She could call again if she wants. Quinn goes to deal with it. Donna asks if that is how it is. Pam doesn’t think she knows the half of it. Donna has a story for her.

Ridge thinks that sometimes he makes choices that Brooke doesn’t like but this had nothing to do with her. Brooke asks if he went to prison and was arrested if that wouldn’t hurt her. Ridge thinks all Bill could find out is that they went to school together. Ridge thinks that everything is fine. They just need to stay strong.

Ken tries to make a joke. Bill needs him to make something look like it came from someone else. Bill wants Greg and Ridge to both get a text saying they are in trouble and to meet them somewhere specific. Wherever that is, Justin will be recording the conversation. Bill has it all worked out. Bill thinks it is perfect. He will be sending Justin down in a minute. Bill is going to listen in on the judge and Ridge through a device. Bill needs Ken to send a text message to both of them to meet each other in the parking lot. They are so dumb and fear makes people panic and spooks them out. Bill has no doubt that Ridge will be quaking and freaked out. Ken thinks that Bill makes him into a crook when he is hired. Bill thinks he could be eating fine dining for the next year. Ken sees his point.

Greg gets the text message and makes a run for it.

Brooke tells Ridge something and he gets the text message. Brooke wonders if there is a problem. Ridge says that they have a problem with the judge.

Donna is shocked that Eric saw Craig put his foot through the portrait. Eric is not allowed to have opinions anymore. Pam asks if Donna has a man back in Dallas. Donna was busy taking care of her father. Pam thinks that she is not over Donna. Pam thinks that Eric’s favorite wife is always the one he had before. She thinks that Donna can rescue Quinn.

Katie walks in and tells Brooke that she sounded panicked on the phone. Brooke says that Ridge is with the judge right now.

Ridge runs to the parking lot. The judge asks what he got him into. Craig thinks that every knock at the door could be a prosecutor. Justin and Bill spy in a car across the parking lot.

Donna thinks that Quinn is not that bad. Pam thinks that Eric would never deal with the real Quinn. Pam asks if Donna has heard about the stories that involve Quinn. She was so horrible to Wyatt’s wives that they both divorced him. She is not as bad as the devil’s candle to that witch. Donna guesses that is in her favor. Pam thinks that Donna loves Eric as a soulmate. Donna will always love him. Pam thinks that the dumbest thing that Donna did was divorce Eric. Pam thinks that very few people get to correct the mistakes they made but she might have a chance at a do over. Quinn walks over.

Katie cannot believe that they are meeting in the parking lot in daylight. Katie doesn’t like this. Bill is already on the trail. Katie doesn’t have a good feeling about this. Brooke asks what happens if they get caught.

Ridge thinks that someone saw them together at the court house. They aren’t talking to him but Ridge. The judge should have just written him a check instead of helping him out. Ridge was never going to ask for the money back. Craig knows he put him through law school. He couldn’t make a good choice because Ridge told him what to do. Craig used to have integrity. If Bill knows then his career is over. It is all because of Ridge.

Quinn thinks that all they need is a cauldron. Pam suggests they borrow hers. Donna is going to the bathroom. Quinn asks what Pam was whispering in Donna’s ear. Quinn thinks that better people have plotted her doom and she is still here. Pam has lived with mean people most of her life. She is a survivor of mean. She knows what to do about it. Quinn doesn’t think that Eric cares about what people think. One person showed up to their wedding. Pam thinks that Eric takes a while to realize a mistake. Pam doesn’t have a choice. She is like a fungus and someone has to scrape it off.

Katie thinks that worrying is going to make them paranoid. Brooke wonders what if Bill doesn’t suspect and he just knows. Katie cannot imagine that he has any actual evidence. Katie asks why Ridge couldn’t just support them without getting involved.

Craig doesn’t think anything can pay them off. Ridge thinks all they are going to find is a conversation. Craig knew what he was doing and it was a bad idea. The ruling is not valid. He is going to be his cell mate. Ridge doesn’t think anyone is going to go to jail. Ridge knows he is angry with him but he couldn’t let Bill deal with this. Ridge assumes that there is a reason why he called him here now. Craig says that this was his words. Ridge tells him to stop talking. Ridge tells him that Bill is here. Ridge chases after the car. Bill makes it away.

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