B&B Monday Update 9/24/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/24/18


Written by Anthony

Bill is on the phone with a client. Brooke walks in and Bill ends the call. Bill wants to hear that Brooke has good news. Brooke knows she shouldn’t be here at all. She cannot have Ridge find out. Bill knows that he won’t. Katie is to busy going after Forrester light. Thorne and Katie set a date for the wedding Brooke explains and he will not bet when.

Will is shocked that the wedding is tomorrow. Will assumes that Thorne will be moving in. Thorne explains that is usually how it works when two people get married. Katie wants Will to be part of the ceremony. Thorne thinks only if he wants.

Eric wonders if Ridge was shocked to hear that Thorne and Katie are getting married tomorrow. Ridge thinks that it makes no sense. It will be a no-brainer for the judge when he sees they are married. Ridge thinks that they will be able to give that little boy what he always wanted. A man in that house who has decency and morality. Eric knows he loathes Bill but he had no idea how invested he was in all of this. Ridge doesn’t think he has any idea.

Katie tells Will that just because Thorne will become his step-father tomorrow doesn’t mean that Bill is not his father still. Thorne loves Katie and he loves Will but Bill is still his family. Will likes Thorne and he wants Katie to be happy. Thorne makes her happy so they should do this. Katie hugs Will. Katie loves Will so much. Thorne gives Will a hug as well. Katie has to ask Will a question. She wonders if Will is ticklish.

Eric is glad to see that Ridge is in Thorne’s corner. Ridge thinks that Thorne is a good guy. Will needs someone in the house that isn’t just concerned about money and his haircut. Thorne would be good for Will. Eric thinks this sounds like a vendetta. Ridge guesses it is one.

Bill cannot believe that Katie is doing this. Bill thinks that this is just another ill-advised plan for Katie. Brooke is not sure what this is about, but she wants to see where this is coming from. She doesn’t want Bill to do anything that will make matters worse. Bill will sit tight for now. Bill thinks if it wasn’t for Brooke keeping him sane… He really appreciates her. Brooke walks out without saying anything to Bill. Bill tells Justin later that Katie is rushing to the alter to get in the good graces with the judge. Justin suggests that Bill walks into the courtroom with his bride on his arm. It’s to bad that Brooke is take. Bill knows that Allison is not taken. Justin laughs. Bill thinks that he either finds info on the judge or he is walking in their with Mrs. Allison Spencer… Bill tells him to come up with something fast.

Brooke shows up at Katie’s house. Brooke wonders if Will is here. Katie says that he is playing with a little friend. She knows they don’t see eye to eye on the whole custody thing but she wants to put those feelings away so she can be her maid of honor.

Eric asks if Thorne will get married at the house. Thorne needs to run it by his bride. Ridge thinks that it is smart that Thorne would wait. Thorne needs Ridge to be his best man. Ridge hugs him. Thorne explains that Katie is asking Brooke to be maid of honor. It will be a family affair if she says yes. Ridge doubts that Brooke would miss the day that Katie was getting married. Ridge knows that Katie and Thorne will be happy. The three of them will be a great family Ridge is willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

Bill needs to do something right now. He walks out of his office.

Katie loves Brooke and hates it when they are at odds. Nothing would mean more to her if she would stand by her side while she marries Thorne. Brooke is always here for her. She knows that. Katie does. Brooke sighs. She just needs to know that, Kate is not rushing to the alter to get a better chance. Katie says they are not. They really love each other. They want to be a family. It will not matter how the custody arrangement plays out. Katie thinks that a judge will be involved by the end of the week. There might be a guardian angel out there somewhere.

Ridge thinks that when you are in love you have to do this. Thorne thinks this is the fresh start that he wanted when he came back. Thorne thinks that he is blessed right now. Ridge needs to take a call in private. Eric and Thorne leave the office. Greg calls. He is in a very tough spot. Ridge thinks this should be a simple choice. Katie and Thorne are going to give this child a better life. Ridge needs this now. He needs Greg to do this for him.

Bill shows up at Katie’s. He heard about the wedding. She needs to stop this madness before it is to late.

Brooke shows up at the office. Eric and Thorne walk in. Eric wonders where Ridge is. Brooke is not sure. Thorne asks if Brooke asked Ridge. Brooke said yes. Brooke loves Will and she wants the best for him. She wants him to have a relationship with his father. Bill is not perfect but he cherishes Will and wants him in his life. Brooke thinks that a custody battle is a last resort. Everything, else should be tried. Brooke wants Bill to come to a middle ground.

Bill thinks that Katie is out of control. She asks if she thought about how this would affect Will. Katie is getting married tomorrow. This is not a quickie wedding. Ridge walks in and asks what is going on here. He came to tell Katie that he is going to be Thorne’s best man. Bill tells him to leave so he can talk about his son. Bill needs him to stay out of it. Ridge knows that he said that there is nothing he can do about it. Katie will be a Forrester tomorrow. The judge will give them full-custody and there is nothing that Bill can do about it.

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