B&B Monday Update 6/18/18

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/18/18


Written by Anthony

Sally is holding out a gun on Wyatt in his house. She says that this is for destroying her life. She shoots a picture of Bill. Wyatt asks if she is insane. He wants to know what she is doing. He holds the picture of Bill.

In the design office Maya and Thorne are working. Thorne wants to take another look at the design they were working on. Maya gets a text from Hope. Emma had something that she wanted to show her. Thorne is shocked that she didn’t leave work early. Maya thinks it is nice that Emma is taking initiative. Thorne agrees that it is impressive. Maya thinks that Emma is confident. She thinks that there is something confident. She wonders if her last name Barber means something to him.

Emma tells the models to express themselves. They need to stay focused on the designs though. Zander and Simon are discussing the designs. Simon is going to go tell Hope that they are ready for her. Zander thinks that he will knock Hope out with her ideas.

Thorne asks if she thinks that she knows Emma from somewhere. Maya doesn’t think so. She just gets a negative feeling when she sees her. Which makes no sense considering that she is so sweet. She realizes Justin’s last name is Barber. Thorne asks if she means Bill’s Justin. Maya wonders if they could be related.

Simon is talking with Zander about an issue he was having regarding the line. Zander says it is just about complete. He is speaking with his real dialect. Simon wonders what is with the accent and asks if he is making fun of him. Zander doesn’t know what he is talking about. Simon explains that he heard an English accent while he was talking. Zander guesses that hearing him brought it out of him. Simon guesses he was making fun of him. Zander admits that his father is American and his mother is English. He was raised in England. Simon asks why he is hiding it then. He can speak with an American dialect as well. It isn’t who he is though. He wonders why he is talking like that. Zander thought that getting rid of the accent was a good way to fit in. He asks if Simon will not tell anyone about this. Simon promises he won’t. Emma walks back in. She thanks Zander for helping her with all this. Emma still feels terrible for hitting him in the head. She thinks they need to take a selfie to mark their first presentation as interns. Hope walks in. Zander says they are ready for her. Hope thanks them for staying late to work on this. Emma wants to make sure the line is successful.

Wyatt asks what the hell Sally is doing. Sally has Wyatt take the gun. Sally is sorry. Wyatt puts the gun on the mantle. Wyatt gets she is traumatized because of Bill. He is as well. He suggests she learn to lock her gun up as well. Sally thinks she will remember that. Wyatt doesn’t think that she will have to. Bill is not going to abuse either one of them ever again.

Thorne understands why Maya would worry because of her history with Bill. Maya thinks the man is a vulture. She knows that Justin is his only friend in the world. Maya has to wonder what kind of person can even stomach Bill. Thorne asks if Emma has done anything to make her worry. Maya does wonder what Emma could be hiding. She hopes she is worrying for nothing. Emma is doing everything she can to impress Hope.

Emma is really grateful that Hope showed up. Hope is excited to see. Emma wanted to show them what she had in mind.

Sally is sorry she scared him. Wyatt thinks it had more to do with Sally than the gun in her hand. Wyatt feels that ambitious people like them are not meant to be a drift. Wyatt thinks they are both castaways. Wyatt admits that he is kicked out of Bill’s life. Sally guesses they are a pair. Wyatt thinks they will be alright. He doesn’t understand how Bill can hurt so many people. Such as the innocent people who don’t deserve it like Sally.

Thorne points out that Hope is still downstairs with the interns. Maya is looking for a connection between Emma and Justin. Maya is going to go and ask Emma. If she has nothing to hide then it will not be an issue. Then she can stop worrying.

Emma thinks that HFTF is about young people changing the world. Young people want to do things their own way. Fashion shows always look the same. She wants to do something new to reflect this generation. The models walk out with Emma. They are doing a dance routine. Maya thinks that is incredible. Hope asks how she had time for this. Emma had a lot of help with Simon and Zander. Hope thinks that this feels fresh and exciting. It is a great idea to show off their designs. She thinks that Emma can handle this. She wants this idea on the runway. Hope wants to infuse their next runway show with this. Emma thanks her for suggesting this. Hope and Simon go to meet the dancers. Emma thinks that Zander helped her do this.

Sally thanks Wyatt for listening to her. Wyatt just knows what she is feeling. Sally thinks that he was nice to let her have some of his wine. She should be leaving though. Wyatt tells her not to go. Sally has her pride. She will not let another man save her. Wyatt is not going to be able to sleep if he knows she is out there. Wyatt just wants her to stay. Sally sighs.

Emma is alone backstage. She looks at the picture of herself and Zander. She smiles at it. Emma looks at some of the designs and takes photos of them. Maya sees her and asks what she is doing. Maya demands to know why she is taking pictures of the designs.

Wyatt doesn’t want to be searching for her all night on the beach. Sally can take care of herself. She is a Spectra. Wyatt tells her she can be tough on the couch. Sally guesses she will stay for his own sake. Sally doesn’t think he has to pretend to be nice. Wyatt doesn’t want her to pretend to be tough. The two kiss one another.

Hope tells Thorne that she was so impressed with the interns suggestions. She could get Emma to arrange another test run. Thorne thinks that is fine. He wants to know about Emma’s last name. It is Barber. She could be related to Justin. Maya just thought they should look into it. If she is keeping it a secret then they might have a problem.

Maya asks if this is her personal phone. Emma wasn’t thinking. Maya guesses that she has won over Hope. Maya had a strange feeling when she heard her name. Then she realized that she had the same last name as the man who helped target her. Emma admits that he is her uncle. Emma says that this internship has nothing to do with her uncle Emma knows she should have told everyone. Maya asks if she is aware of the history that Justin has helped cause. Emma wants to be a part of the company. Maya asks what else she hasn’t told them. Maya will not allow her to hurt the company. Rick would want her to protect the company and his sister. She doesn’t think that there is a place for her here at Forrester Creations.

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