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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/28/18


Written by Anthony

The judge asks what Ridge wants him to do. Ridge just wants him to do his job. He said that if there was anything that Ridge ever needed, well this is it. The judge looks at the case file. Ridge needs him to rule against Bill. He asks if they have an understanding.

Justin doesn’t think you can influence a judge on a custody battle. Justin is trying to win him this case. He asks how he can do that from behind bars. Bill pays for his advice, he might as well use it every now and then. Brooke shows up. She got his message. She wonders if the hearing was set. Bill needs her to get Katie to listen to reason. He needs her to try to talk to Katie one more time. This is going to hurt Will. She needs Katie to understand.

Katie hasn’t had a chance to look through everything yet. Carter tells her to take her time. Thorne knows they haven’t talked about their wedding date yet. He was thinking they should get married before the hearing. Katie asks if he wants to get married now. Thorne knows it will help. The judge could see that Will has a two parent family. Carter doesn’t think that will affect the judges choice but it wouldn’t hurt it. The judge will be looking at the big picture. Thorne thinks that Bill’s history is a concern. Thorne wants to be the family that Will needs.

Brooke suggests this might have been a mistake. Brooke thinks this is wrong. Brooke is no just concerned about Will. Bill knows the best of marriages have secrets.

Ridge needs to make sure that Will ends up in the right home. Ridge needs Greg to help him out. Ridge needs his help. The mother needs custody of her son.

Carter wants to ask Katie a question. He wants to know how Will feels about Thorne. Katie thinks that Will is going to be happy to have Thorne around. Carter knows that the judge will have the evaluation already. Katie knows that Bill has given Will months of disappointment. Thorne proved that there was a man that Will could count on. Thorne pays attention and looks at Will in the eye. Katie will foster Bill’s relationship with Will but fatherhood and Bill don’t fit. She is not sure they ever did. Katie knows that Bill blamed Quinn and Kelly for why Liam and Wyatt were kept away. Bill ruined his relationships with Liam and Wyatt. Katie needs the judge to understand that Bill is an occasional father. He sees Will when he wants to. Thorne gives him love, loyalty, and devotion. She knows that Will only has positive things to say about Thorne. Carter offers them congratulations. He doesn’t know Greg very well, but having a child in a loving household helps. He has no doubt the judge will give them custody.

Brooke thinks they know how stubborn Katie is. Bill made mistakes. He didn’t spend enough time with Will over the last few months. Bill knows that his sons future lies in the hands of a total stranger.

Greg cannot believe he is putting him in this position. Ridge is asking him a favor. He wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t important. Bill is scum. Will needs a proper guardian. He thinks that it is that simple. He can look at both sides and prepare the evidence and then make the right choice.

Katie knows it is the right thing to think about. Katie knows that Will is better off with her. She needs to be the one to make the choices. She thinks the feminist in her makes her cringe in this. Thorne thinks if she needs to do it on her own then she can. Katie wants to do it. They want to spend the rest of their lives together. Katie wants to go into this as husband and wife. She wants to show the judge they have a solid and stable family.

Brooke doesn’t want Bill to worry if he has to get in front of a judge A judge has to be impartial. A judge will let him explain what Will needs. Father’s have rights too. Bill knows they do. He does. He thanks Brooke. He never wanted it to come to this but a judge is going to decide. Katie better accept it.

Ridge wonders if he thinks he is asking to much. Ridge knows but if he did what he did to his family then he would understand. He pursued Steffy. He asks what Greg would do if it was his daughter. Greg is sorry. Ridge says that is how he treats his own sons. The mental and physical abuse is terrible. Giving Katie full custody is the right thing to do. Greg thinks if he makes the wrong choice, it is the end of his career. Ridge knows he is not saying no and he appreciates that.

Katie kisses Thorne. Katie sees they are getting married. He wasn’t thinking about custody when he asked her to marry him. He wants Will to have a good life. Katie would marry Thorne right here and now. Thorne asks if Carter is here. Katie says maybe not here in this office. Thorne could sew her a dress. Katie guesses they can get married today. Thorne knows that it doesn’t matter so long as they say I do. When Darla died and then Aly. He tried to find himself in Paris. All those dates went nowhere. If he had known what was waiting for him, he would have come home so much sooner. He gets to he a husband and father again. He thanks her. They kiss again.

Justin wasn’t able to find anything. The guy has one traffic violation on him from six years ago. Justin says he has stellar report cards, church news letter articles. He is not going to find anything but he can keep digging. Bill thinks he will do the right thing and not give Katie full custody. Justin thinks that Brooke is a good influence on him. Bill knows she put herself in the middle of this mess. She could have had blind loyalty. It means a lot she didn’t .

Brooke walks into the CEO office. Ridge thought she was gone for the day. Brooke had a few things to do. Brooke heard about the custody date. Ridge thinks that Will deserves better. Brooke doesn’t think that there is anything they can do to prevent it. Brooke thinks the judge will decide. Brooke thinks this is wrong. They cannot take Bill’s son from him. Ridge doesn’t think that is the case.

Greg looks at the case file in his office.

Bill looks at his phone. He is looking at a picture of Will.

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