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The Bold & Beautiful Top Ten Lists

B&B Top Ten Lists

Top 25 Things that B&B Characters Should Ask Santa For
By Bethany

1. Taylor Forrester needs a new brain. One that will let her in on what her husband and best friend have been up to this year. God help Ridge when she finds out. Morgan is own her own. 

2. Clarke Garrison needs to an airline ticket to Paris or wherever his son with Margo is so that he can bond with his own son instead of horning in on Morgan and Ridge's son. 

3. Thorne Forrester needs a new neighbor. One that isn't hell-bent on seducing him. Well, maybe seducing him. Just make sure that she is nearer his age and a little more experience than the current seductress. Kimberly hasn't a clue what to do with him once she finishes getting him hot and bothered. 

4. Brooke Forrester needs some more lingerie. We haven't seen her in any since she decided that she was going to compete with Stephanie for mother of the year. Should be a really close call. Stephanie definitely has more experience with interfering but Brooke has her in the looks department. But then again, since when do children really care what their mothers look like? Whether or not they interfere with their lives is another thing. 

5. Morgan DeWitt needs a trip to reality if she thinks that she has managed to capture Ridge's attention and devotion. Morgan you only have the one kid of his that isn't even here yet and Taylor has three of his children. I doubt that you are going to get Ridge to make the same mistake a couple of more time so you can catch up. She is going to need somewhere else to live when Taylor finishes with her after all this comes out. 

6. Stephanie Forrester needs a good daily planner do that she can keep up with where she is suppose to be when she is doing her interference during the New Year. 7

7. Deacon Sharpe needs to take the money that he has managed to maneuver out of the Forresters and skip town to parts unknown. But he needs his own personal copy of the custody papers that he signs away his paternal rights on. Send him to some location that he cannot find his way back from like the North Pole. 

8. Amber Moore needs some new nail polish for her stocking. This purple/blue thing that she has going is so trashy looking. Not fitting for a mother. 

9. Clarke Garrison, Jr. (CJ) needs some kind of shirt that is not black. He really could use some spicing up to his wardrobe. 

10. Rick Forrester needs a good lawyer to get him out of the mess that he has created with Deacon Sharpe. I said a good one, not one that gets paid to tell Stephanie what she wants to hear. 

11. Eric Forrester needs a place to hide when things around the Forrester mansion gets tense. Which is most of the time. Big Bear is too far away to go to everyday. Maybe a nice apartment near Forrester Creations would more suitable. 

12. Sally Spectra needs her daughter back. Come on writers. Bring Macy back. We all know that it was the truck driver that they buried and not Macy. 

13. Brooke Forrester actually needs another car too Santa. I know that she was a bad girl taking those divorce papers to the cabin for Macy but she still needs a car. How else can she get to work? 

14. Little Eric Forrester III needs his father. One that is concerned with him and not what having him will do to someone else. Will the real father please stand up? Not you Deacon, I said the real father. One that can put his personal gain aside for the good of the child. Who this actually is, remains to be seen. Maybe Santa needs to send Amber another man while he is at it because I don't know if Rick and CJ can think beyond what having the baby will do to the other long enough to care for him properly. 

15. Darla Einstein needs a good man too. The girl is too pretty to out there alone and unhappy in the world. Someone with looks, talent and preferably in the fashion industry so he can take over Spectra the next time that Clarke gets a wild hair and disappears again. 

16. Conner Davis needs a good law book if he thinks that CJ is the legal person to have Little Eric. We all know that Rick Forrester's name is on that birth certificate as his father so tell us Conner, how did you get around that legally? 

17. Ridge Forrester is going to need a new home once Taylor finds out what he has been up to this year. Somewhere on the other side of town so he can recover properly from the fallout. 

18. James Warwick needs to find his daughter Mary before Sheila teaches her how to be a psycho in 10 easy lessons. I know that he hasn't been to Los Angeles lately but we still think about him. Maybe you could throw in his physician's license while you are at it so he can go back to work. Sheila did get him drunk when she seduced him after all and there isn't many people that are a match for Sheila. 

19. Speaking of Sheila Carter Warwick, a nice padded cell would be appropriate for her for about 10 years or so. Make the therapy work this time please. 

20. Kimberly Fairchild needs another job, one that is away from the Forresters and Brooke before she gets herself arrested for trying to kill the boss again. Also, a man in her stocking that hasn't been married to her half-sister three times would be nice. 

21. Phoebe and Stephanie Forrester, Jr. needs some nice toys and more time on screen along with brother Thomas. By the time that we see them again, these kids will be grown and in high school. At least let them give us a peek at their childhood. 

22. Joe and Tilly Moore need a chance to be able to move on with their lives after the death of their beloved Becky. And if the situation can't be resolved in Los Angeles regarding their grandson, please give them the means to come to Los Angeles and straighten this mess out on their own. They can't make any bigger mess of it than has all ready been created. They should have the purest motives of all in considering what is best for this child. 

23. Tawny Moore needs to be brought back to Los Angeles and presented with legal papers making her accept responsibility for this mess that she created with Little Eric. She started this mess and she should have to suffer right along with the rest of them for what she has done.

24. Becky Moore needs a headstone for her grave and peace in the beyond for what is happening to her son. 

25. The decease and real Eric Forrester III needs to be brought back to Los Angeles and given a proper burial where he actually belongs. While they are at it, some passing curiosity as to what he looked like and the circumstances of his death from his family might wouldn't be a bad thing even if it is posthumously.

Page updated 12/23/10

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