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The Bold & Beautiful Top Ten Lists

B&B Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things to do with a Forrester heir!
By Jackye

1. Have the teenage mother abort the child then leave town.

 2. When the child is stillborn, bury it in the desert.

3. Take your cousin's baby and pretend it is a Forrester.

4. After you find out about the switched baby, give the child back to it's real mother.

 5. When the real mother dies, claim the child is yours.

6. Have your step-mother get a court order demanding that the child and it's guardian live with you.

7. When the real mother's husband gains custody, find the real father and offer money for him to sign over custody to you.

8. Try to kill the child, first try to talk mother into a 2nd abortion then put illegal abortion drug into her tea.

9. Pretend it isn't your child/grandchild/relative, agree to never let anyone know of the child's true paternity by claiming the child is by a sperm donor.

10. Have a baby sitter watch all 3 of your kids, do not mention or bring  them to see their father, except when he is, unknown to you, thinking of his child that his ex-girlfriend is carrying.

Page updated 12/23/10

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