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The Bold & Beautiful Top Ten Lists

B&B Top Ten Lists

Top 10 Things to Drink to on B&B in the Year 2002
by Matthew

1. Taylor referring to her psychiatric degree or any psychiatric terms when giving advice.

2. Ridge referring to Rick as "Little Ricky-boy"

3. Stephanie referring to Brooke as a "whore."

4. Brooke sighing and whining about how she needs to "protect her daughter."

5. Sheila justifying all her actions because of her past.

6. Bridget complaining about how she and Deacon didn't "hit it" more often.

7. In every argument about Ridge (doesn't matter what it is about), Massimo always saying "Stephanie, he is my son!"

8. CJ being a sarcastic jerk.

9. Rain only occurring in LA when Sheila is either coming or going from the storyline.

10. Listening to semi-talented singers croon sub-par material.

Page updated 12/23/10

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