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The Bold & Beautiful Trivia Quizzes

Play B&B Trivia!

Quiz #1
By Angie

1. Massimo is played by what actor?

A. Joseph Mascolo

B. John McCook

C. Ronn Moss

D. Winsor Harmon


2. What are the names of Ridge's 2 little girls?

A. Steffy and Phoebe

B. Amber and April

C. Brooke and Hope

D. Bridget and Stephanie

3. What did Thomas drink when he saw Ridge and Brooke together?

A. Whisky

B. Vodka

C. Beer

D. Juice


4. Who did Darla get pregnant by?

A. Thorne

B. Ridge

C. Clarke



5.Who is Amber's twin sister?

A. Bridget

B. April

C. Macy

D. Brooke


6. Who is Macy's mom?

A. Stephanie

B. Brooke

C. Sally

D. None of the above


7. Who was C.J. first involved with romantically?

A. Amber

B. Brooke

C. Bridget

D. Becky


8. Who tried to break up Rick and Amber and get with Rick?

A. Erica

B. Bridget

C. Macy

D. Darla




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Page updated 8/21/14

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