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The Bold & Beautiful Puzzles Pages

B&B Puzzles and Games

B&B Story Puzzle
"Sheila's Revenge!"

Fill in the blanks with the correct letters to make words that go along with the story. Some
words overlap to the next line. Have fun!

                One day there lived a lady named Sheila who had a baby girl named _ _ _ _ Warwick. Her name was changed to Erica, who came to town and lived in an _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and befriended Amber and fell in love with a rich guy named _ _ _ _. Sheila lived with Erica, which was unknown to others. Erica loved little baby _ _ _ _ and became his trusted guardian (a.k.a. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _). Sheila used to be married to Eric. She loved him so much that she wanted her daughter to have the same kind of life she did. So Sheila did everything in her power to make it happen! Her plots including getting _ _ _ _ _ to _ _ _ _ Amber's drink so she'd wake up in his apartment. It worked! Then he got the bright idea to get more $ from Sheila trying to blackmail her. She finished him off by letting _ _ _ _ fly and kill him by an allergic reaction! Later she had seen Amber looking around at Erica's, so she threw something and woke up the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ! Then the _ _ _ _ came and arrested Amber after she resisted arrest and knocking one out cold! It was an accident she said! Anyway, she knew she was innocent and Erica was guilty of Lance's _ _ _ _ _ _. It wasn't a good thing to let Erica hit her _ _ _ _ on the table at Amber's office while fighting her! That made Eric mad and let Erica get closer to Rick! Sheila decides to _ _ _ _ _ _ Amber then friends and family were on the pursuit to find them after Amber got out of _ _ _ _. At the end, _ _ _ _ _ tells Rick the truth that Erica was Mary Warwick! She tried to hide the truth but it didn't work. She had also tried to get _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ by Rick to keep him! This sounds like a pure Sheila plan to me! No one could get thru to Sheila...not Stephanie, Massimo, etc. Sheila arrived at Eric's _ _ _ _ and Taylor showed up. They both tried to talk some reasoning into the lady with the loaded _ _ _. But something bad happened next! _ _ _ _ _ _ showed up to get Hope's baby _ _ _ _ _ _ and saw Sheila! That scared her so much that she tried to run but Sheila decided to point the gun away from Taylor and toward Brooke. To protect her, Taylor fought her and got shot. Brooke and Eric also wanted to wrestle with her. Brooke went down also. It took Eric to bring her to her knees! Whew! The struggle is over now! Taylor & Brooke were rushed to the E.R. of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ _ eventually died there! There was sadness all over the town, and no one knows what they'd do without her. Now Sheila is where she belongs, and Erica never wants to _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ to her again!


Page updated 11/26/10

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