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The Bold & Beautiful Predictions & Rumors Pages

B&B Predictions & Rumors for YEAR

By Suzanne 3/4/18

Bill will be shot by some unknown assailant and go into a coma. Sally will be accused. After a murder mystery, Jarrett or Justin will be found to be the shooter. Bill will wake up months later and be a changed man. He will be a nicer person, for a while. Wyatt will forgive him, but not Liam.

By Suzanne 8/20/16

Because of Steffy's threats, Quinn will agree to stop seeing Eric. Steffy will also make Quinn promise not to tell anyone about their agreement.  However, eventually Wyatt will find out in the worst possible way and divorce Steffy for her lies.  Quinn may attempt suicide, making everyone realize that she really did love Eric. Eventually, everyone will forgive Quinn, and she will get back together with Eric.

Brooke and Ridge will get back together, but Bill will be fighting them the whole way. Caroline will resort to devious means to get Thomas away from Sasha.

By Suzanne 11/7/15

Thomas will start to suspect again that Ridge and Caroline's baby is his.  Ridge will feel more and more guilty after seeing his grandson born. There will be more conflict between the two men that will threaten Caroline and Ridge's marriage.

Brooke and Eric will grow closer. Nicole and Maya's dad Julius will cause more trouble.  Nicole will not be able to carry Maya and Rick's baby.  The videotape of Aly's death was not entirely deleted and will surface. Quinn will get involved in making sure Thomas doesn't take Ivy away from Wyatt.

By Nikky 3/19/12

I think Hope will get addicted to the anti-anxiety pills.

By J.V. 7/7/10

Hope will not be persuaded to go away to college, and someone will confess the truth about Hope and Oliver.

By Suzanne 7/7/10

Ridge will forgive Brooke after he learns what happened, but he will be very angry with Steffy, who will be stunned that he takes Brooke's side.  Stephanie will also be angry with Steffy.  Hope will forgive her mom, but not Oliver. Eventually, Nick will forgive Bridget.  Owen will someday wear a shirt (ha ha!)  Rick will see Amber in a new light.  Hope will wreak revenge on Steffy.  The Logans will get their power back at Forrester. 

By Nikky 6/5/10

Brooke will end up pregnant and not know if the father is Ridge or Oliver. Hope will get mad at Brooke and run away to find Deacon.

By Suzanne 6/2/10

Donna and Eric will reunite eventually.  Stephen will get crazier and do something drastic. He will die after a standoff with police and Forresters. Justin will find new love with Felicia.  Bill will become a father. Owen and Jackie will divorce.  Bridget and Nick call it quits for good. Nick finds someone new. Forrester is attacked again. Pam will finally lose her virginity.  Stephanie will make peace with the Logans after Stephen dies, but Hope and Steffy will continue to carry on the battle. Brooke will have a midlife crisis.

By Bettye 6/2/10

Oliver and Brooke might have an affair.

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