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The Bold & Beautiful Predictions & Rumors Pages

B&B Predictions & Rumors for 2005 - 2008

By Suzanne 8/13/08

Bridget discovers that a drug is making Eric sick. The Forresters accuse Donna of making Eric sick. Marcus finds Owen and Donna in bed together. Ridge is arrested. Stephanie offers support to Donna. Bridget finds out that Katie is pregnant in a shocking way. Katie has more dreams about Storm.

By Bettye 6/30/08

It's rumored that Mackenzie Maury (Phoebe) has quit the show.

By Suzanne 4/28/08

Storm will get himself killed so that Katie can have his heart.  He leaves her all of his money.  Or Stephen will come back to town and talk Storm out of suicide.  Storm will leave with Stephen to get more serious mental help and to flee prosecution.  Ashley and Ridge will grow closer.  Storm's shooting of Katie will drive a further wedge between Ridge and Brooke.  Brooke will be left all alone when Nick dates Bridget and she breaks up with Ridge.  Pam will escalate her "pranks" against Donna.  Donna's life will be in jeopardy.  Stephanie will end up saving Donna's life, which will make her more attractive to Eric.  Thorne gets a new romance.  Katie will be reunited with Nick after she gets out of the hospital, much to Bridget's dismay.  Nick will help Katie with her recovery.  Rick and Taylor will marry and stay together.

By Suzanne 4/16/07

This is partly based on what I've read in spoilers...Rick will shoot Shane, trying to defend Phoebe.  Shane will die.  Phoebe will blame herself and/or Rick, which will damage their relationship.  This will push Rick further towards Ashley. Rick/Ashley/Ridge will become a triangle, causing more problems between the two men.

By Suzanne 4/4/07

Ridge will get involved with Ashley.  Brooke will take up with someone new.  Phoebe and Rick will start regular dating.  Taylor and Nick will have trouble conceiving.  Bridget will be the answer to someone's troubles.  Pam will be murdered by Stephanie.

By Suzanne 1/6/07

Nick and Taylor will find love, leaving Thorne spurned.  Stephanie and Brooke will work on fixing Thorne up with someone.  Bridget will have an affair with Shane after he gets engaged to Phoebe.  Steffi will come back to town and be a bad girl.  Rick will find Steffi irresistible (they are not  blood relations), but everyone will be against their being together. Thorne will get revenge against Nick by taking up with his mother.

by Jenny 9/27/06

  • Nick, standup guy that he is, insists on being there for his child, etc. So he tells Brooke that he slept with Brigit.
  • She gets mad since she told Ridge that Nick would never betray her, blah blah blah, and now he has. She ditches Nick and probably considers going back to Ridge.
  • Once Nick and Brooke's marriage is completely trashed, Brigit starts to suspect that Dante may be the father of her baby, after all.

by Jenny 9/12/06

  • Bridget gets pregnant by way of her one-night stand with Nick.
  • Nick is forced to tell Brooke the truth and she dumps him. She goes after Ridge, who now wants her sister.
  • Nick and Bridget get back together, but Bridget discovers that Dante may actually be her baby's father. This coincides with Dante and Felicia's second wedding attempt.

by Glynis 9/1/05

  • Nick and Bridget will try to make a go of it.
  • Eventually, Brooke and Nick will fall into a bad situation where they are getting together when they shouldn't be.
  • Bridget will see them together and miscarry.

by Letrice 7/14/05

  • Nick and Bridget will break-up
  • Nick will hope to have a relationship Brooke
  • Brooke will consider a relationship Nick but decide against it
  • Everyone will realize that Stephanie did in fact fake her heart-attack
  • Brooke and Eric will get together but not for long!
  • Eventually Brooke and Hector will become involved
  • Caroline will come back from the dead (why not everyone else has)
  • When Caroline comes back there will be an ultimate Caroline/Ridge/Taylor love triangle
  • Caroline will over-hear Taylor and Dante and will expose the truth
  • Ridge will decide to return to Caroline
  • Everyone will find out about Gabriella and how her and Thomas got married
  • Stephanie will tell Thomas to annul the marriage
  • Gabriella will get pregnant!
  • Bridget and Dante' will also get together

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