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The Bold & Beautiful Predictions & Rumors Pages

B&B Predictions & Rumors for 2004

By Suzanne 7/20/04

Brooke will realize she really does love Nick, but it may be too late by that time.  He will be involved with Felicia.

Caitlin's involvement in Forrester causes problems for her parents.

Sally supports Darla in her crusade against Ridge.

Eric will continue to support Ridge and Stephanie will continue to support Thorne, causing problems everywhere.

Ridge and Darla will be trapped somewhere together and have to deal with their problems disliking each other.

Thomas will do something sneaky to undermine Rick's involvement with Caitlin, with Amber's help.

by Suzanne 6/14/04

There's a rumor on glbuzz.com that Susan Flannery (Stephanie) is gay and quite open about it (news to me!).

by Susann 6/10/04

Humor from the Web:  Due to Ridge's propensity for gripping Brooke's head with his huge hands, she has a new nickname: "The Clothespin" You squeeze her head and her legs pop open!

Quotes from Discussion Boards:  "Brooke has sex where other people drink or shop or obsessively clean their closets." "I am so sick of Brad Bell's stupid storytelling that makes no sense, and his constant on again, off again Brooke/Ridge relationship. Move on Brad, you're boring as hell." "Brooke better start using chapstick on those lips of hers, they're getting a quite a workout!" "Ridge wanting to raise that baby as his own was not an act of good character. He just wanted to obliterate all traces of Nick from his favorite hydrant." "Why does everyone think Ridge is so childish, selfish, and egocentric for wanting to adopt Nick's baby while they simultaneously maintain that Nick is flawless in his intentions to adopt Hope?"

Rumors from the Web:   Rumor has it that there's more to Nick's character than meets the eye. Is he really the good guy he seems to be? Is he really even a Marone? Is Jackie really who she says she is? Or is she just an opportunist who saw a good way to make sure her son was set for life? Why did Massimo choose Deacon, a man he detests, to keep an eye on his wife? Did he set Deacon up? Does he really have someone else watching Deacon? It could get very ugly.


Why does Nick want Brooke so badly? He seems to be such a level headed man, who doesn't put up with any nonsense. If anyone dishes out nonsense, it's Brooke. Why would he want to be married to a woman who obviously is still in love with another man? He wouldn't have to marry her to be a part of the baby's life. Is there something else going on here? We know about his business problems with Marone Industries now. But is there something else? This Nick person is an enigma for sure.

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