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The Bold & Beautiful Fan Events

2015 B&B Fan Event Photos

The Bold and the Beautiful "Pop-Up" Fan Event
Caroline & Ridge's Wedding Reception
Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York City
Monday, September 14, 2015
By Nikky

The event was advertised as including a live B&B viewing party, a buffet lunch, a B&B gift bag, photo ops, giveaways, and a very special "interactive experience." A few days before the event, it was announced that the "interactive experience" was actually Caroline and Ridge's wedding reception. Six actors attended the event: Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester), Linsey Godfrey (Caroline Spencer), John McCook (Eric Forrester), Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester), Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy Forrester), & Pierson Fodé (Thomas Forrester). 

(In order to lessen loading time, pics are thumbnails. Please click on them to see full images.)

Invitation This was my first B&B event. While I saw one person I knew from GH events, I was otherwise on my own. I arrived at check-in and began talking to four women who were in line behind me. As we were checked in, we were given a "wedding program" and our gift bag. The bag was white canvas with "BOLD BEAU TIFUL" on it in blue. Inside the bag was a note pad, a brush/sewing kit combo, a beanbag, a T-shirt (all with BOLD BEAU TIFUL on them), a Bold & Beautiful luggage tag, and a B&B book called "Forbidden Affair."

We were met by John outside the ballroom in which the event was held. He chatted a bit with everyone and took pictures with us. There was no assigned seating, so I waited for the ladies I made friends with in line. When you walked into the ballroom, the buffet lunch was in the front. Two tables right next to the buffet were reserved for press. There were a few other tables that were already filled. We picked a table sort of in the middle of the room. We didn't realize it at the time we picked what might have been the best table.  (More on that in a bit.) We each had a small bag of Jordan almonds as well as a wedding picture of Caroline and Ridge.

John was in the ballroom chatting with fans as we ate. Casey Kasprzyk, the supervising producer of B&B, brought in the stars one by one. First to come out was Pierson, followed by Ashleigh and finally Jacqueline. Ashleigh pulled out two raffle tickets for two B&B set tours. Unfortunately I didn't win.

Soon it was time to watch Monday's episode of B&B with four of the stars!! They had the episode on DVD. I was glad because my fear was it would be pre-empted! At the end of the episode, Caroline and Ridge got married, all alone in front of the beach house of Bill Bell, Jr. in Malibu. Casey said they were on the Forrester jet and coming to NYC. (Of course, they were already there.) While they were on their way, there was a short Q&A with fans. B&B only tapes three weeks out of the month and four days a week. They taped the episode that we just viewed during the week of August 10, so they tape about 4 weeks in advance. Everyone in the cast gets along really well. Someone asked how Kim Matula (ex-Hope) was doing, and Jacqueline said she was doing well. Jacqueline does actually own two motorcycles. A fan asked what Ivy is going to do now. (In the episode, she was fired by Steffy and escorted out of the building.) Ashleigh said, "Come to New York for Fashion Week," which happened to be going on the same week, and encouraged us to watch tomorrow's show. John made it seem like Eric would be back soon.  A fan asked who was older, Steffy or Caroline, but no one was really sure. In real life, Jacqueline is a year older than Linsey.

By this point, the bride and groom had finally arrived! Thorsten and Linsey were introduced as the first time ever Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester. I thought it was very sweet the way Thorsten made sure Linsey got in the room all right.  They had their first dance, right in front of me! We ended up sitting at the table right next to the dance floor. "Their" table was on the other side of the dance floor. (The "family" table was next to their table.) So as long as other fans didn't run up and stand in front of me to take pictures (which happened often), I had a pretty good view. The "family" also grabbed fans to dance with.  John gave a toast. The wedding cake was cut, and finally was the bouquet toss.  Two women caught the bouquet, and I thought there might be a fight. Neither was giving it up. Linsey had her picture taken with both women. I honestly don't know which one took it home. Ashleigh also pulled a raffle ticket for the centerpiece of the bride and groom's table, but I didn't win that either.

The stars were taken to another room for the meet and greet. The cake was cut and put out, but barely anyone grabbed cake when we were all allowed to go to the other room. The stars were broken up into three groups, John & Jacqueline, Linsey & Thorsten, and Ashleigh & Pierson. Since my main reason for coming to the event was Thorsten, I went in his and Linsey's line first. I actually got to meet Thorsten first. I told him he was handsome!! When I told him I loved Port Charles, he said he enjoyed working on it. I told him everyone I met only had positive things to say about the show. I got a great picture with him and moved onto Linsey. I told her I loved her hair short and how I had just recently cut a lot off of mine. She told me I should cut mine more! She said it's hair; it will grow back. And I said that's the same thing I say! I also asked her how she was doing after her accident. (In April, 2015, Linsey was hit by a car after it was involved in an accident which resulted in both her ankles being dislocated and a few broken bones.) She said she was doing well. I picked Jacqueline and John next. I told Jacqueline I was glad she was back on the show. John told me to sit on his lap for our picture!! Finally was Ashleigh and Pierson. I got a group shot with the both of them. Both are tall with Ashleigh being 5' 9" without heels and Pierson being 6' 2", I look short next to them at my barely 5' 5". I didn't realize it at the time of the photo.  Pierson had told the woman in front of me he was on a Disney show and to check on IMDb. I did when I got home and realized I had seen him on that show! I wish I had realized it at the time.

I really enjoyed B&B bringing fans into the experience. I hope they do more events like this on the East coast.

Check out a video of highlights from the special day!

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