B&B Best Lines Thursday 4/18/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 4/18/19


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Quinn: So, how was it at Brooke's? Meeting all the Logan sisters?

Shauna: Better than expected.

Quinn: Really? That's good.

Shauna: After they got over the initial shock, they really accepted Flo into the family immediately. And I'm so surprised at how warm and kind they were to both of us.

Quinn: Mm. Well... their brother is gone. You know, he died tragically. They get to have his daughter in their life. They get to shower her with the love that Storm wasn't able to.

Shauna: They seemed really excited about it.

Quinn: I know that it was just you and Flo your entire lives. So... It's got to be a little bittersweet knowing that she has this whole other family.

Shauna: I'm so happy for Flo. The Logan's seem like such great people. They really do. I'm just afraid that it might not work out, though.

Quinn: Why would you say that?

Shauna: It's a complicated situation.

Quinn: I understand.

Shauna: No, Quinn. You really don't.

Quinn: Then talk to me, Shauna. I want to help you.

Shauna: I'm starting to realize that this is probably something that I have to handle on my own with my daughter.

Quinn: Look, I realize you have a lot to process. But I was thinking, maybe you could do it here, in L.A. Don't go back to Las Vegas. I mean, think about it. Think about all the opportunities and advantages that we always dreamed of being able to give our kids when we were single moms raising them in Vegas. Wyatt has those opportunities now. And Flo can, too. Flo's a Logan. She's part of the Forrester family. I don't even know how you can give this a moment's hesitation.

Shauna: I want every opportunity for Flo. I really do. But she's done some things. She's not perfect.

Quinn: Neither am I. I-I have -- oh, I have made some horrible choices. But, I mean, Eric forgave me. You know, once you're a Forrester, it just becomes -- it becomes life-changing. And so what if Flo made mistakes in the past? Leave them in the past. Don't bring them up again. Shauna, you deserve this. You can't pass this up. It's gonna be so good for the both of you.

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