B&B Best Lines Wednesday 3/27/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 3/27/19


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Eric: I know who this is.

Quinn: Yeah.

Xander: I mean, we -- we took a selfie with her because, well, we didn't think anybody would believe us without it, but the real news -- okay, okay, so -- so, the reason she came up to us was...

Tiffany: She loved the designs. Your designs.

Sally: Shut up!

Xander: For real! Especially when she asked where they were from, and we said Forrester. She's about to shoot some huge music video, and she wants to feature your athletic line. On herself and her dancers.

Quinn: What?

Brooke: This is huge! You can't buy that brand awareness!

Quinn: No, especially since all of her followers want to dress like her! I mean, she's gonna generate insane sales!

Xander: Yeah, I -- so, we told her the clothes weren't in production yet...

Tiffany: That made her want them even more.

Xander: She wants you to reach out to her stylist. Um... yeah, sorry, they need me for a fitting. I -- I hate to interrupt. We just -- we needed to tell you.

Sally: No! Thank you! This is crazy.

Tiffany: Congrats again.

Xander: See ya.

Sally: Did that really just happen?

Brooke: This is a great opportunity.

Ridge: It is great opportunity for us. I don't want you to leave. I don't want you to go to Spencer.

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