B&B Best Lines Tuesday 2/19/19

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 2/19/19


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Wyatt: You need my help.

Bill: It's been a long time since we've felt like a family.

Wyatt: Yeah, for several reasons.

Bill: Legitimate ones. I'm the first to admit that.

Wyatt: Okay. What -- what do you want from me? Why am I here?

Bill: You're here because I'm gonna prove my loyalty to you. You liked working here.

Wyatt: I did, yeah. But, I mean, I'm just -- I'm doing really well over at Forrester right now.

Bill: Oh, come on, Wyatt. Really? What, posting things on social media all day? Like, you know, tap tap.

Wyatt: I do a lot more than that, thank you very much.

Bill: At that dress farm, you're just wasting your talent. Come home, Wyatt. This is where you belong.

Wyatt: Do I?

Bill: Of course you do. You're my son.

Wyatt: Because I remember a whole other conversation we had that would speak otherwise.

Bill: You know me, all right? I lose my temper, I say things I don't mean, and I'm not proud of it. I'm working on it.

Wyatt: You said I had no guts. You sure you want somebody working here like that?

Bill: Yes! I mean, no! I mean, you have guts, Wyatt. You had enough guts to stand up to me, to do what was right when I wouldn't. You're damn right I want you working here.

Wyatt: You kicked me out.

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