B&B Best Lines Monday 11/12/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 11/12/18


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Justin: A mini-tutorial in what?

Bill: One of the listening devices that Spencer Publications tabloid reporters uses to listen and record a celebrity's conversation from across the street.

Ken: It's called a shotgun mike.

Justin: And that's how I'm gonna listen in on the judge and Forrester?

Bill: I want you to send a text to McMullen and make it look like it came from Ridge's cellphone. Uh, "we've got trouble. Delete this message and meet me in Forrester Creations' visitor parking lot."

Ken: And?

Bill: Then send the same text to Ridge from McMullen.

Ken: How dumb do you think these guys are that they're not gonna figure out they're being spoofed?

Bill: So dumb. On top of that, fear makes people panic. It makes them stupid. Now, Ridge's wife, she's not talking. But she knows full well that Forrester gamed that custody hearing. And I have no doubt that she told him I've been asking questions. Forrester gets that text, he will be quaking in his sockless loafers. What?

Ken: They're decent people, the Forresters.

Bill: I'm not decent people?

Ken: When they call me to do something, it's to catch a crook. When you call me, you want me to be a crook.

Bill: You're being a hero. You're righting a wrong.

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