B&B Best Lines Friday 10/19/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 10/19/18


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Thorne: Yeah, and this access to Will, I don't think it's right.

Ridge: It's not.

Thorne: You know, I watch that kid's light go out a little more each time his so-called father disappoints him. He's no better than a deadbeat dad. He shouldn't be rewarded for that.

Ridge: But that's just it, right? He gets rewarded for everything he does. Maybe it's time that he takes some accountability for the people he hurts.

Thorne: Well, he's not gonna do that on his own, because what's he gonna measure accountability by? I mean, he has no moral compass, right?

Ridge: It's a good point. He'll just take what he wants. He takes what he needs.

Thorne: Yeah. Little bit of a narcissist.

Ridge: "Little bit of a narcissist"? He's going after my wife.

Thorne: That ain't right.

Ridge: It's not right, and I'm not gonna let it happen. I'm gonna put a stop to it once and for all.

Pam: Hey, uh, I made some calls. Bill went home for the day.

Thorne: So, what are we gonna do?

Ridge: "We"?

Thorne: Yeah. I'm with you on this 100%. We're family. So what do you say we go, uh, pay Spencer a visit together?


Ridge: Hey.

Bill: Whoa! Look at this. I got needle and thread. Or is it needle and -- you know what? It doesn't matter. I have a walking sewing kit right at my front door.

Thorne: Oh, that's funny.

Bill: You know what, I'm in a good mood. Come on in, guys. I want to buy you a drink.

Ridge: No, thank you.

Thorne: Oh, if he's offering. I'll take a coffee, with a little bit of almond milk if you have it. He'll take his black.

Bill: Ah, I'm not a barista. Just a bartender.

Thorne: Oh. No coffee.

Bill: And I want to toast Katie for giving me full access to Will again. And you know what? I'll raise a glass to you, if you didn't object.

Thorne: Ooh. But I did. So...

Ridge: Terrible decision on Katie's part.

Thorne: Yeah. One I hope Will won't regret.

Bill: Well, it really doesn't matter. Because my relationship with Will is none of your business.

Thorne: Well, like it or not, I am his stepdad.

Bill: Mm... you're still his manny. I mean, the stepdad? That's just in name only. And regardless, I'm his dad, and that trumps you every time. Ahh. You know... I was in kind of a meditative state, sort of a zen place. But now I'm sensing hostility coming from both of you clowns. So my civility -- pfft! Right out the window. I never should have let you in my front door, because I've heard everything you have to say, and I'm really not interested. You know, the "awful person, "terrible father," "plague on humanity"...

Ridge: Oh, see, now you're making sense. You are an awful person. You're a terrible father. And now you're using Brooke.

Bill: "Using Brooke"?

Ridge: Yeah. Pitting her against her sister, that's not nice.

Bill: Oh, having her subpoenaed so that she could give her truthful and willing testimony so I could hang onto my relationship with my son?

Ridge: Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy. You're pulling her into your drama. We've been here before, right? Little predatory gleam that you get in your eye, that little half smile. We know what you want. You want my wife.

Thorne: Yeah. You should, uh, find another family to prey on.

Bill: What is this, huh? You two fashion boys here to rough me up? What are you gonna do? You gonna stitch me to death?

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