B&B Best Lines Tuesday 9/4/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 9/4/18


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Justin: Well, she did it. Katie's filing for sole custody.

Bill: She claims she's doing what's best for our son.

Justin: But, obviously, you see it differently.

Bill: Katie's making a huge mistake, Justin. She's pitting Will's parents against each other.

Justin: Well, I don't disagree, but --

Bill: Give me some legal advice.

Justin: I told you before, family law isn't my area of expertise.

Bill: Some suggestions! I want the best legal team money can buy. I'm fighting for my son, so I'm fighting harder than I have for anything or anyone in my life.

Justin: And so what does that mean?

Bill: It means exactly what I said. I'm fighting for my son with everything I've got.

Justin: And that's what you told Katie -- you're coming for her?

Bill: This isn't about hurting Katie. It's about not hurting our son. Delinquent dad. It's ridiculous! I've been absent for the last few months. Until then, I've been a great father to Will! It's Katie that's having parental lapses over the years.

Justin: You told me before you thought Thorne Forrester was pressuring her into going for sole custody.

Bill: If it weren't for that S.O.B... Thorne is the cause of it all.

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