B&B Best Lines Thursday 8/30/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 8/30/18


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Ridge: So, I'm -- I'm trying to make sure I understand this. You think that Spencer should be able to swoop into Will's life whenever he wants, just depending on whatever his obsession is of the day?

Quinn: Like the skyscraper or Steffy.

Thorne: Well, that's when Bill's neglect really shot through the roof. You know, that's when we started to notice the impact.

Brooke: How did it show?

Thorne: Well, Will's a bright, inquisitive kid. But when Bill shows up, it's like, uh, a light goes out, you know? He misses his dad, but then, when he comes around, he just shuts down. Lately he hasn't wanted to see him at all.

Ridge: He shouldn't see him.

Brooke: Well, that's his father.

Ridge: I know who he is. And I'm not sure what you're doing. Why are you defending him? He's not being a father to that kid, and that is why Will is having problems right now. And, what, Katie's not allowed to say something about it? Why?

Brooke: No --

Ridge: You're gonna upset Mr. Bill Spencer?

Quinn: I don't blame her. It's a really hard line to -- to walk, you know, wanting your child to have a relationship with his father, who's the exact person you want to protect them from.

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