B&B Best Lines Tuesday 8/21/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 8/21/18


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Bill: All right, Justin. Get out of here. Don't let me keep you from getting your work done.

Justin: My work is taken care of.

Bill: No, I mean it. Now, you have more important things to do than to sit around here keeping me company on my son's wedding day.

Justin: The important thing is that you're back, thinking clearly now. You've reached out, want to make amends.

Bill: It's not gonna be easy. I have no illusions about that. But I'm committed. There's nothing more important to me than regaining my sons' respect. Which is definitely gonna be a challenge.

Justin: You've done a great job of nearly tearing your family apart.

Bill: Well, the good news is Liam and Wyatt turned on me and not each other. I love my sons. And I'm glad they can depend on one another. I wasn't there for Liam and Wyatt when they were growing up, and I missed a lot of time I should have been spending with Will while I was pursuing Steffy. And now Liam is getting married, and I wasn't invited. Something's got to change, Justin. This fractured relationship with my boys... it has to be repaired.

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