B&B Best Lines Friday 6/15/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 6/15/18


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Sally: Guilt by association. Wyatt, I am sitting here tonight, penniless and dumped all because of your father. First Liam, then Caroline, every last one of you Spencer's.

Wyatt: That is no reason to hate all Spencer's.

Sally: Okay, not all Spencer's but most Spencer's.

Wyatt: Two. Only two have wronged you and Caroline is quite likeable unless......

Danny: Do you have another card, this one has been declined.

Sally: Declined?

Danny: Afraid so.

Sally: I don't normally carry cash.

Wyatt: I've got it. Not a problem.

Sally: I'm not a charity case, Wyatt.

Wyatt: You can pay me back.

Sally: Just mind your own business, okay? I can do the dishes.

Wyatt: I got it. This should be more than enough to cover it. It is the least I can do. It won't make up for my cousin or my father's existence but at least it is something.

Sally: Well thank you.

Wyatt: You're welcome.......Where are you going?

Sally: Probably to sleep on the beach.

Wyatt: Well I can not let that happen.

Sally: Sand is soft.

Wyatt: Why don't you come to my place and crash on the couch or something?

Sally: Nah.

Wyatt: I am not asking. Let's go.

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