B&B Best Lines Friday 5/18/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 5/18/18


Provided By Wanda

Bill: You can try to hide your feelings all you want. But I know I'm not nothing to you.

Steffy: That's true. You're my father-in-law.

Bill: Historical accident of my own creation. It's not what we started out to be to each other. But we decided to follow the rules. I would stay married. You would look for a more appropriate boyfriend. I would bury my feelings. Do whatever it took to keep you at arm's length, and yet stay connected to you through my sons. Didn't work out real well for us, though, did it? Your marriage is dissolved. Liam is marrying his true love. And here we are, once again, everybody's scapegoats. Nobody showing up at the door except those immoral people hell-bent on telling us how morally superior they are. Hypocrites. Can't stand it. We're tough. We can take it. But why lead a life being lonely and despised when, together... together, we can have it all.

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