B&B Best Lines Wednesday 4/18/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 4/18/18


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Taylor: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Bill: Like you would be any judge?

Taylor: I mean... I-I'm assuming that your doctor put you on pain medication.

Bill: I don't take' em. I like feeling the pain. It -- it makes me feel alive. You can appreciate that, can't you? You look like you could use one.

Taylor: I haven't wanted a drink in years. Although with my life in your hands...

Bill: Makes you wish you were a better shot, doesn't it? Remember the movie -- I'm forgetting the title, but the lead character had a rare disease, so he went to medical school to find a cure for himself.

Taylor: Vaguely.

Bill: That's you, isn't it? Now you're the one who needs help.

Taylor: And I-I would like to get that help, if you will let me.

Bill: It's not really up to me, is it?

Taylor: You told Steffy that you would do that. Y-you told her that you wouldn't say anything... about me shooting you. Are you going to keep that promise?

Bill: I don't think I used that word.

Taylor: You really enjoy exerting your power over people, don't you?

Bill: What happened to all that gratitude you were showing me when Steffy was here?

Taylor: Well, you're not being as gracious as you were when she was here.

Bill: Have I called the police?

Taylor: I can't go to prison, Bill! Just be straight with me. I was with you.

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