B&B Best Lines Tuesday 3/20/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 3/20/18


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Liam is aghast that the detective is implying he might have shot his father. Wyatt questions Justin and wants to see papers that Bill left him in charge. He should be able to furnish them right away. Justin says those documents were found next to Bill’s body but somebody got to him before he would have signed them. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas was here yesterday and it is a long story after that as Bill told everyone that Caroline was dying knowing Thomas would leave Sally and go to Caroline and their son. Thomas had two reasons to hate Bill. The lie Bill told him that turned his life upside down and the fact that he had to leave Sally who he was in love with at the time. Det. Sanchez tells Liam to settle down. He is not accusing him or anyone else now. He just wants to find a motive, if it is just greed or personal hatred. Steffy steps forward and says there is no reason to questions Liam. She can tell the detective where Liam was that night. He had been invited over to her house for dinner. He never made it as he got the call about Bill. Liam says he hates guns and would never even touch one. And as for greed, he had quit Spencer Publications. He was not fired so that was no motive at all.

The detective thanks them for their time and says he has others, like his brother Wyatt, who also had motive. Wyatt is astonished that Justin would suggest that Wyatt had motive to shoot his father. Liam tells Steffy and Hope that he knows his brother and he would not have shot his father even if he had a motive. Wyatt tells Justin this is a new low for him suggesting he would shoot his father. Justin says Wyatt forgets he knows everything that happens between these walls and Bill certainly was enraged that Wyatt was going to marry his ex-wife and then be step-father to his son. Wyatt says Justin is good, now he knows why Bill kept him around, but it is not working on him right now. Det. Sanchez comes in and hopes he is not interrupting but he would like to talk to Wyatt. Steffy chastises Brooke for telling Hope that Bill proposed to her. She claims she better not tell Liam as he has more than enough on his mind right now. Hope tells Liam that he is such a good person and she would never hurt him but there is something he needs to know. Before the shooting Bill had the audacity to propose to his wife. Wyatt asks the detective what he is getting at mentioning being cut out of the will, his proposed marriage to Bill’s ex-wife, Bill suing for full custody….all very good motives for wanting Bill gone.

Wyatt: Hang up the phone, Justin. Now.

Justin: Looking forward to your presentation. Okay. All right. Bye-bye. So, what's this about?

Wyatt: Trust. Or the lack thereof.

Justin: I don't have time to guess what you want, Wyatt. I'm running a company.

Wyatt: So you say. But you know what I say? Show me the papers that my father signed that put you in charge. There should be no hesitation here. If my father signed legal documents severing my brother and me from this company, then I should have a right to see them, don't you think?

Justin: No one's disputing that.

Wyatt: Good. The papers, Justin.

Justin: Well, they -- they were drawn up to your father's instructions and specifications, messengered to Bill's house for his signature the night of the shooting, but as we all know, unfortunately, he was interrupted.

Wyatt: So he did or didn't sign them?

Justin: Well, he would have. I mean, the documents were found next to his body, along with a pen, but someone interrupted him from finalizing that paperwork. Was it you, Wyatt?

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