B&B Best Lines Thursday 3/1/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 3/1/18


Provided By Wanda

Quinn: How could you do this to him? The son who stood by you when no one else would!

Bill: But the reality is that he didn't stand by me, did he? He stood behind my back! Running around with my ex-wife? It's disgusting.

Quinn: Says the man who slept with his son's wife! Yeah. I know about your dirty little secret with Steffy.

Bill: There was nothing dirty about it. You and me? Dirty. The point is, Wyatt told you, which is another reason I can't trust him.

Quinn: You are an evil, despicable man.

Bill: Coming from the crackpot queen of evil and despicable. Should we make a little list of your offenses? Would you like that?

Quinn: At least I have never done anything to hurt my son. You've treated yours like doormats.

Bill: I think the problem is that I've treated them too much like princes. Regardless, you're boring me. All right? We're done. I have a company to run.

Quinn: And that's all you have because you've lost your family and Brooke and Katie and me.

Bill: You? You I might still have a shot with. How are things going between the sheets with you and old Eric? I'm guessing not so hot.

Quinn: God, I hate you.

Bill: Yeah, we always had that going for us, didn't we? A lot of hate, a lot of passion.

Quinn: You are disgusting, and I wouldn't let you touch me with a hazmat suit on.

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