B&B Best Lines Thursday 1/18/18

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 1/18/18


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Ridge: Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I would like to shake your hand.

Bill: Hmm. Germophobe. How about this? Six letters, starts with an O.

Ridge: Oh, um, "obnoxious." No, that's nine, right? Eight?

Bill: The word is "office," a place of business. You're standing in mine for the purpose of selling what?

Ridge: For the purpose of thanking you for signing those papers, setting Brooke free.

Bill: Well, there's no point staying married to a woman who is sleeping with...you.

Ridge: Hmm. There it is. Loveable crassness.

Bill: Okay, how about, uh, you're welcome? Now, I've enjoyed this little, uh, exchange, and we're done.

Ridge: Okay. No, you know what? No. I wanted to tell you that I'm gonna try harder to...

Respect you, because you are my daughter's father-in-law, right?

Bill: Guilty as charged.

Ridge: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and 4th of July. Those are the family parties. We're just gonna try to be nicer.

Bill: Oh, no, we have to take New Year's eve and the 4th off the table. You know, you, me, fireworks. Somebody could lose an eye.

Ridge: You okay? You seem strangely subdued.

Bill: No, I'm good.

Ridge: Really? 'Cause you're usually much louder than this.

Bill: Oh, well, the day is young.

Ridge: It is also unlike you to help Brooke and me to get married.

Bill: I'll give you that.

Ridge: Is there another woman in your life?

Bill: You would be the last person I would share that with.

Ridge: So that's a yes, isn't it? Another trophy wife waiting in the wings.

Bill: Well, clearly you're not self-aware enough, but, uh, the trophy-wife thing, that's what you're about, not me. Now, you got what you wanted. Your thanks are accepted. So, bye.

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