B&B Best Lines Friday 12/8/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 12/8/17


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Ridge: I know that look. I know what's coming. It's the full tantrum, isn't it? 'Cause that's what you do when you give a lecture that no one's listening to or you try to challenge me and you fail. You go to the basement or you run to Paris or you take a chair and throw it through the window.

Thorne: You're a real piece of work, you know that?

Ridge: And just because I was mother's favorite.

Thorne: Oh. There it is.

Ridge: I didn't choose that. She chose it. If you could make peace with this, maybe you'd be happier. Maybe you wouldn't need this -- this -- this thing that you do where you want to rescue people from me, where you want to rescue the whole world and the whole family from mean old Ridge. Come on. I don't want to fight with you. We're brothers. I love you, and I want you to do well. That's -- that's why i tell you the truth. You're not a leader. You're not a designer. And you're always gonna be in my shadow because you're less experienced and you're less gifted. But that's not me talking. That's the eyes of the world. It's the eyes of this family. And, yes, the eyes of Brooke. Really? Nothing? No whiny retort? Because usually this is where you put me in my place.

Thorne: No, I think this is the part where you realize I'm much more of a man than you'll ever be. You talk about how I'm seen by Brooke, by the world. Well, here's how they'll see me. No longer bullied by you. Maybe I'll inspire Brooke to do the same. I'll purge you from her life. This company. And I'll restore decency and morality back to the Forrester name. And you, Ridge, well, you'll just be gone.

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