B&B Best Lines Tuesday 11/14/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 11/14/17


Provided By Wanda

Wyatt: All right, as soon as the zoning commission gives their final approval, then we're good to go. The crew's ready to break ground -- oh! And get this -- we're gonna get a huge tax break because we're going green. Thank you to Liam for that. And we got to implement both helicopter pads, the pool, and the gym exactly the way that you want it. Wall-to-wall mirrors. Mirrors. Dad!

Bill: What?

Wyatt: Mirrors -- are you hearing me? Like, I'm talking about your beloved skyscraper here, and you're not listening.

Bill: I'm sorry. It's this rift with Liam. I mean, we -- we'd gotten to this incredible place of forgiveness, thanks to Steffy, and now he's more upset with me than ever.

Wyatt: Aren't sit-ins supposed to bring peace and understanding or something?

Bill: What do I know about freakin' sit-ins?

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