B&B Best Lines Monday 9/25/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 9/25/17


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Ridge: Is everything okay?

Eric: No. I want to set something straight, and I've had something on my mind. I can't shake it. When you came to my hotel to see me, you came out of... guilt... out of concern. I was already furious with you. And then you had the temerity, you had the nerve, to suggest i go home and be with my wife. I found that very condescending and patronizing, and so I told you that you weren't my son anymore. I wanted to hurt you, Ridge. I wanted you to feel the same things I was feeling about this betrayal of yours, and so I... I lashed out. What I said was hurtful, and it was untrue. You're every bit my son. There's nothing I could say that can ever change that. All my life, everything I've ever done has been for the strength of our family.

Ridge: But everything you said in the hotel room, everything you said about me, is true.

Eric: No, it wasn't. I'm sorry.

Ridge: What I did to you --

Eric: Look, son, I don't want to rehash any of this. I want us to move past this.

Ridge: That's -- that's all i ever wanted. I want for you and Quinn to be happy.

Eric: Well, I can't be completely happy... while our family's broken like this, and it is broken... when there's this bad blood between us. I want to make our family whole again, son.

Ridge: I want that, too.

Eric: So, we're all right?

Ridge: Yeah, dad. We're -- we're okay.

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