B&B Best Lines Friday 8/11/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 8/11/17


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Liam: How does this work out for Thomas? Or Sally? Or literally anyone but you?

Bill: He has a son, and with that comes responsibilities!

Liam: That he has every intention to live up to!

Bill: Now! Because of me! Otherwise what? It would have been 20 years? You think it's a healthy environment for that little boy to grow up in a house full of women?

Liam: You -- you have three sons! How many of their mothers are you living with?!

Bill: Will you just stop already? I mean, nobody's unhappy but you! So how about this time, you leave the sword in the stone, Arthur, and let it be?


Bill: What the hell is wrong with you?

Liam: Me?! I-I want to hear straight from Caroline how she lost her mind and decided to go along with this!

Bill: Well, why do you suppose? She'd like the father of her son to step up and act like a man!

Liam: Yeah, well, I'm sure you didn't give her much of a choice. It was either sigh and say nothing or sit back and watch the Forresters publicly crucify you. I'm not giving this up, dad.

Bill: This has nothing to do with you, Liam.

Liam: Y-yes, it does! I am married to the sister of the guy whose life you're derailing! And one other problem, by the way. What -- what are you gonna do when Caroline doesn't die?

Bill: He will have recommitted by then! He'll be -- he'll be nestled into the bosom of his little family. And then before you know it, praise the Lord, hallelujah, there is a miracle cure! And life goes on.

Liam: Not for Sally. Not for Spectra, who have to pick up their crushed dreams and go home as this...this monument to your dishonesty rises.

Bill: Crowned by the Spencer name. Your name. Seen from miles around. All the obstacles have been removed. My advice to you is not to become one. Or I will see to it that you are removed, as well.

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