B&B Best Lines Monday 7/10/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 7/10/17


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Brooke: I still don't understand why Coco was driving your father's car.

R.J.: I wanted to impress her. I knew she'd never driven a car like that. I knew it would give her a rush. Coco is not a bad driver, mom. Just...stuff happened, you know?

Brooke: Okay, so just tell me exactly what happened.

Lt. Baker: Mrs. Spencer, R.J. Well, you look pretty good, all things considered. I just came from the crash site. Could have been a lot more serious.

R.J.: Yeah, well, I'm lucky. I should get a lottery ticket.

Brooke: R.J., This isn't funny.

Lt. Baker: No, it's not. An accident like that could have landed you in the morgue. You were driving?

Coco: No, I-I was driving, lieutenant. It was my fault.

Lt. Baker: Coco. Right. So, care to tell me what happened?

Coco: I was driving, and I lost control, and I ran into a tree.

R.J.: Power steering has come a long way since then. I mean, as cool as it is, even it gets away from me sometimes.

Lt. Baker: So you've been driving recklessly, too, then, huh? Were you drinking, Coco?

Coco: No. No.

Lt. Baker: Nothing at all? Not even a little earlier?

Coco: Nothing. Nothing. I-I swear.

R.J.: This could have happened to anyone.

Lt. Baker: In the middle of a clear day with no wind, no weather conditions? It seems kind of odd, doesn't it? Were you distracted?

Brooke: You don't just drive down the street and hit a tree.

R.J.: What do you want me to tell you, mom? We weren't drinking, we weren't doing drugs. We were just having a good time, and things went bad.

Lt. Baker: Well, the question is why did they go bad, R.J.? Seems you're answering all the questions. It's like you're trying to protect your girlfriend.

Brooke: Lieutenant Baker wants to get to the bottom of this. What was going on? Were you two goofing off? Were you texting, Coco? Is that what happened? Is that what caused this accident?

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