B&B Best Lines Wednesday 5/10/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 5/10/17


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Sally: Let's not rewrite history. We all know that's not what his review said.

Thomas: That's because he wasn't allowed to say that. You see, Jarrett is the chief critic for Eye on Fashion. Eye on Fashion is owned by Spencer Publications. And Bill here wanted this building for a pet project of his, and so you had to fail. So the decent review that Jarrett turned in was sent to the shredder. And, Bill, you wrote your own glowing review of this, didn't you, for the purpose of having you vacate this building ASAP.

C.J.: Seriously? Is that true?

Bill: You want to know what's true? Dollars and cents. That's what's true. I'm not gonna sit here and debate with some chip off the old halfwit. I mean, a week ago, he wanted your head on a silver platter! Now he wants to be your knight in shining pencil pants! That's what these people do! You want to believe in something, C.J.? Believe in money!

Thomas: C.J., believe in blood. It's thicker than water, and it's thicker than this man's wallet. Sally. You have so much potential, and you have the opportunity to be so successful. You used to know that. Stay here, and I will never let you forget that again.

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