B&B Best Lines Wednesday 3/8/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 3/8/17


Provided By Wanda

Sally: I can't do this.

Shirley: We've gone 10 rounds, and now you want to throw in the towel? Not this lady. I'm fighting until they drag us out of here.

Saul: Which they might do if we don't get some sales soon.

Shirley: And, uh, dear, sweet Coco is gonna do that for us.

Sally: It would be one thing if she was down for this, but she doesn't even know. We're sending her over to Forrester to spy without telling her. It's horrible. It's cruel.

Saul: It's necessary if we want to survive!

Shirley: The clock is tickin', Sally. It's one minute to midnight. If we don't come up with the capital...

Sally: I just don't want to involve my sister.

Shirley: Your little sister is doing the world a service. All those fancy-schmancy thousand-dollar dresses -- common folk can't afford that! We're giving them options. Look-alikes at a fraction of the price. Think of what it'll do for women, their self-esteem!

Sally: You make it sound like we ought to be canonized.

Shirley: We have every reason to hold our heads up high.

Sally: We're stealing, grams! Excuse me. Correction. My innocent sister is stealing.

Shirley: So, you think that Coco would be better off if we just went belly-up?

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