B&B Best Lines Wednesday 1/18/17

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 1/18/17


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Eric: Well, anyway, I know they're home now. Well, at least Quinn is. Ridge came on a separate flight.

Katie: Really? He didn't come home with her?

Eric: No, apparently he had some business to attend to.

Katie: Well, I suppose there's only so much together time they could stand.

Eric: That's true. I think that it's probably too much to wish that they would ever become friends. I want this for Quinn. I want this for Ridge, too. I want them to discover that there's something between them they didn't even know was there. Because of what happened in San Francisco.

Thomas: You sang her praises. It just surprised us, that's all.

Ridge: I'm not singing her praises. I'm just acknowledging her contributions to the company. Is that okay with everybody? What do you want me to say, I still have issues with her? Yeah, I do. But I saw a side of her that I wasn't aware of. So, now, if this inquisition is over, we got work to do before she goes home to Dad. Thank you.

Quinn: You don't have to say a word. We both know what is about to happen here. As soon as you leave the office, you're gonna go to your father and you're gonna tell him what happened between you and me in San Francisco. Aren't you?

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