B&B Best Lines Friday 12/16/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 12/16/16


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Liam: Do you understand that Quinn's words are coming out of your mouth right now?

Eric: Don't do this.

Liam: Are you telling me that you would support Steffy leaving me for Wyatt?

Eric: Yes. He's my stepson. He's family. He's loyal.

Liam: He is loyal to his mother. I'm loyal to Steffy, Eric.

Quinn: Until Hope walks in the room. Or Ivy.

Liam: Please do not listen to this woman who kidnapped me, who tried to kill me, who manipulated all of us, and she's still doing it, by the way. Except, this time, she doesn't need a secret cabin in the woods to get what she wants because, Eric, she's got you right here, hidden away in your own home. And you don't even realize it. The woman is using you. She's using you for your company, for your power, for your influence. And you can't let her get away with it. Eric, I-I'm not trying to be disrespectful to you. I'm looking out for Steffy.

Eric: So am I. Liam, I like you well enough, but I try to differentiate between my friends whom I like and my family whom I love. There's nothing I wouldn't do for my family. Quinn is my wife. And Wyatt is her son.

Liam: Just so I'm clear, are you -- are you telling me that you are now a part of Quinn's plan to manipulate Steffy into going back to Wyatt?

Eric: Like I said, there's nothing I wouldn't do. She's well qualified......... Do you deny it? Waffling back and forth between these two young ladies that I care so much about? You know, the only time you have any kind of a commitment to Steffy is when Hope is out of town, and vice versa, let alone stringing Ivy along just for fun. It's appalling, really. No commitment there. No commitment from you at all. Now, Wyatt -- he doesn't waver. He sticks to his commitments. You know, if it were your granddaughter, which one would you prefer?

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