B&B Best Lines Thursday 11/17/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 11/17/16


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Bill: You've heard, "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."

R.J.: Yep. Ali.

Bill: Yes. That's right. He was a dear friend of mine. They didn't call him the greatest of all time for nothing. That's something we share in common. Now, look. Always moving. Always moving, keeping your hands up. Stick and move. Stick and move. Stick and move.

R.J.: You know it's a bag, right?

Bill: No! It's not a bag! This is your enemy -- your enemy. This is the dude trying to take your lunch money. This is the chump who's trying to steal your girl. Now, are you gonna let him punk you?

R.J.: No. I'll file a police report and then get the girl back.

Bill: What?! No! You got to knock this guy's head off -- first. That's what you're gonna do.

R.J.: I prefer conflict resolution.

Bill: Conflict resolution? Really? Well, you haven't used that with me, have you?

R.J.: Good point.

Bill: All right, sharpshooter. Back up a little bit. Let's see the jab.

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