B&B Best Lines Tuesday 10/25/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 10/25/16


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Ridge: R.J., we've had this discussion before. There's some things you're not aware of.

R.J.: Yeah, and no one's telling me. Like I'm not old enough to understand.

Ridge: No, that's not it at all. You -- you're very mature and very strong, so it -- there's a situation here --

R.J.: The situation will turn into a catastrophe... if we let her marry a man that doesn't deserve her.

Ridge: You're frustrated. I get it. I'm frustrated, too.

R.J.: Well, then do something about it. You still love her, right?

Ridge: You know I do.

R.J.: All right. Then how can you just stand here and let Spencer take her away from you, from us?

Ridge: I am not letting anyone do anything. Your mother wants this.

R.J.: Really? She wants to be committed to Dollar Bill Spencer? Once they become man and wife, it's over. Our family will never be together again. You have to stop this wedding before it's too late.

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