B&B Best Lines Tuesday 6/21/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 6/21/16


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Thomas: You know, I always figured you to be the type that would swim through a moat full of crocodiles and kick down the drawbridge door to get my sister back.

Liam: Yeah. I could kick in Wyatt’s door. Can’t even count as high as the number of times I thought about it.

Thomas: Why don't you? I mean, I’m not sure that the sanctity of marriage applies in a situation like this.

Liam: Because I look at my dad, and men of that wealth and stature are usually on their fourth or fifth wife, each one younger than the last, and my dad has Katie. And she’s not the easiest person, you know. She’s got a great, big, beautiful heart that she wasn’t born with. It keeps her health on a roller coaster. And my dad stays put. I mean, he doesn't go, "Oh, man, this should be a whole lot easier. Let me get out of here." He -- He... He stays put, and it makes me think marriage is that big, that worthy of respect. Even a mistaken one, even... a stolen one.

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