B&B Best Lines Tuesday 5/3/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 5/3/16


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Maya: I know Sasha had it tough. But the truth is that she grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same parochial school that you sent Nicole to. And, granted, I didn't know her. I barely remember her. But it seems that she also had you in her life from a very young age.

Vivienne: Yeah, but that girl needed some stability in her life.

Maya: Plenty of kids are raised by single parents, and they turn out okay.

Vivienne: I know, but Sasha's mother was one of those women that...life just happened to her. You know? She actually never made a decision about anything. Her life was one long accident. You know, and I can that your father spared me that. I knew the good and the bad the day I said, "I do," and he hasn't surprised me since.

Maya: You know, you and Brooke are a lot alike.

Vivienne: Yeah. People can hardly tell us apart.

Maya: No, I'm serious. You two are always making excuses for people who do inexcusable things. Am I right?

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