B&B Best Lines Friday 4/29/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 4/29/16


Provided By Wanda

Julius: For crying out loud. Is this what you do all day?

Zende: I'm gonna put these, uh, photos on the server. It's nice to see you, Mr. Avant.

Julius: Zende. Why am I not surprised?

Sasha: Oh, what's the matter, Dad? Never seen one of your daughters kiss her own boyfriend before?

Julius: Easy. Zende could still be in earshot.

Sasha: All these years, and I still don't get to call you Dad. Is that ever gonna change?

Julius: Making out with Zende, here? This is a place of business. Why don't you show a little class?

Sasha: Well, maybe if I had a father, I would know how to act right.

Julius: Stop. You were raised better than that.

Sasha: You come down here to my job, and you have the nerve to judge me? That's rich.

Julius: I wasn't judging you. I wasn't even looking for you. I was looking for my wife. We're spending time with Nicole and Maya today.

Sasha: Oh, yes. The Avant daughters. Your girls. You're awfully proud of them all of a sudden, now that they're living the big life.

Julius: That has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Sasha: Just don't forget -- your blood runs through my veins just as much as theirs.

Julius: I didn't come here to play with you. And you watch the way you speak to me, young lady.

Sasha: Oh, or what? 'Cause whether or not you like it, I am an Avant. And for whatever your reason you're ashamed of me and you can't seem to love me, I am your daughter.

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